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Winning design #128 by morabira , Logo Design for Images Contest
Gold Medal

designed by morabira

Project description

Images is a new Dutch based creative company in photo- and video productions. We specialize in corporate identity video's and photography, capturing in a cinematic way. Our deliverables are strategic corporate films, corporate event registration, photoshoots of products and employees, 360 degree film and photography, etc...

For our logo we're looking for a professional design that's still a bit playful. Would be good if it incorporates the name "images" and some element that refers to the product we're delivering (like a lens, aperture blades, etc) in an creative, abstract way.  It also might be a "lens flare", "picture frame" ect... Try to be creative. :)

- Please try to avoid the name being read as iMages, we found out that small caps could prevent that.

- We are open for all colour themes. 

- Please avoid copying from other contestants.

For any questions, please send us a message. :)

With best regards,

Max Vonk & Robert Portengen

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  • About #177, another mock up of my logo #155
  • About #174, Mock up of my logo #155
  • About #155, Tried to depict a double lens camera of old time. Hope you like it. Thanks :)
  • About #154, With colour and without colour..
    photograph and lens combination. Hope you like it :)
  • Can't read it as images. :( #147
  • another mockup of my other logo #146
  • mockup of my logo #141
  • Logo idea. #139
  • About #134,My idea is that The dot for the letter 'i' represents the video recording and the lens in the letter 'g' represents photography.Hope you like it :)
  • This means that we only do photography. We do lots more. (video, editing etc...) #132
  • wow man, very nice!!! We love the simplicity of the design. #128
  • About #127, @morabira Double circles for letter g to represent double lens (video and photography)
  • Trying a lens flare here. #115
  • another idea. Thanks #107
  • Here's another approach. Hope you like it. Good luck #106
  • Thanks for your rating. Any suggestions that would help me make this better..?? #93
  • logo design #105
  • I submit new design. Hope you like it. #102
  • logo design #95
  • logo design #94