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Winning design #149 by sepoll18, Logo Design for IMI Coaching Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sepoll18

Project description

We are an online life-coaching training.

We believe that when people are confident and in touch with themselves they get the courage and strength to follow their Heart. Then we create a reality of generosity and joy.

We're looking into something like "IMI coaching" as the basic text for the logo. We also have the three words


We might need help with illustrations for a book and icons for our website and course content as well.

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  • Please steal blacksavos font #153, #155, but soften the corner of the last I. Otherwise, stay with the colours and the icon. We still don't want the M in dark blue, same light blue as the rest. #149
  • attention all designers the image uploaded in the brief is for designer sajid2032, this was his design from entry 25. All of you designers that have copied will not win this contest. Stop copying
  • IMI #7 #159
  • IMI #6 #158
  • IMI #5 #156
  • IMI #4 #155
  • IMI #3 #153
  • IMI #2 #152
  • IMI coaching #151
  • Obviously, you won the contest, but we have never done this before, so we don't know how to proceed. #134
    • @shreevasudev once you choose me winner you have seven days to work with me if you want more changes. and you will get all the file that you requested jpg, png, ai, gif, tiff, eps. PSD etc

      also you get both version of logo in CMYK and RGB

  • We also want all the element separately - the symbol, IMI, IMI COACHING, and the three words in grey. We need everything in these formats: jpg, png, ai, gif, tiff, eps. #134
  • We need the colours in RGB and CMYK. #134
  • We also want the top one in black, grey and white. #134
  • We want the top one, but with dark blue dot, not light blue dot.

    Both with the three words below in grey and without the three words.
  • hi,
    how about this ?
    please give me feedback.

    thanks :) #144
  • About #143, @zerger Hi Ch. as the attach file that you illustrated. hope you like it. thank you.
  • Great, Sajid! Orange dot instead of the blue?
    • @shreevasudev #139 hope to hear good new from you thank Shukria.

  • Alright, here it is! I will check in with my partners tomorrow. Thank you very much, Sajid! Shukria!
  • And, one with the dark blue dot in light blue instead...
  • Wow! We are getting very close! On this end we are three people that needs to agree. Right now I am alone. Tomorrow we will give you our final instructions. Non of the other designers are close to this...

    The top one, can you make the blue dot orange and the M dark blue?
    • @shreevasudev submitted #137 as per your comment thanks