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Winning design #33 by HichamBahr, Logo Design for Immanuel House Contest
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designed by HichamBahr

Project description

We need a logo for our new nonprofit. Our organization provides transitional housing for newly arrived refugees accepted for resettlement in our community by the US gov't. Concepts we'd like considered in the design are community and inclusivity. We're looking for a very simple logo, as simple as a house with the name Immanuel House but we are open to more creative ideas as well

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  • Hi, I'm not sure if this msg will go thru since the contest is over. We are still trying to figure out what we are going to do but I'm about 90% sure we are going to pick your design. We have to run it by our Board of directors and we plan to give them a deadline of tomorrow afternoon/24 hours. I wanted to know if you would be willing to make a couple of changes before I send the design out to our Board. I know you are in Egypt and it is probably too late for you to get this message, but if you do, can you change the circle with + above the text to the window design that is used in #27? Also, I'm not sure what the orange bar across the top or the blue wedge at the bottom are for. For now, can you leave them off so we only see the roofline, the window and the text below? Thank you!! #33
    • Hi,
      Thanks for your comment..
      Sure I can change the circle with +.
      But the system of this site prevents designer from submitting any new entries in expired contests.
      If you choose me as a winner. I can upload the modified design ASAP.
      The orange bar across the top and the blue wedge at the bottom are just presentation items.. The Design consists of only the roof line, the window and the text below.

    • @HichamBahr I thought you might not be able to; thanks for your quick reply! I need to hold off on choosing you as the winner until the rest of our Board has a look at your design. The Board president and I both want to use your design but we need to ask the others for their opinion. I will just tell them that you'll be changing the window (and probably the colors but we don't have them figured out yet). I'll get back to you tomorrow for sure. Thanks!

  • please let me know if you need anything #89
  • feedback please #88
  • jww
    Hi Thank-you for looking through my designs, any feedback or changes you would like, please do get in touch, Many thanks JWW #80
  • @boncherkaren Could you please let me know what do you think about my design? I thought that the hand could give a sense of community. I hope you like it. We can wok on the color if you think it's a good idea. thanks #76
  • GREAT #70
  • MES
    @boncherkaren thanks for the feedback #69 house with porch and stairs.
  • MES
    @boncherkaren thanks for the feedback #69
  • Hi, thanks for your entry, I like it. Can you please reorient the house so that it is facing forward, rather than on an angle? Also, can you please remove the circle? Lastly, can you please try the above while leaving the text as you have it and then also try with above changes but also change the text so that it is formatted more similarly to #27? Thanks! #52
    • About #52, @boncherkaren
      thanks for comment. i'll try to change....

  • refer #35. here I submit 2 concepts and those Colors remain changable. #45
  • refer#35 here another version. I add stairs and roof also modify "I" letter. Hope you like it and waiting for your feedback. thx #42
    • @masnau thanks. I actually like the first one better but still think the "I" looks like a "1". Any other ideas? Thank you!

    • @boncherkaren okay, modification will be submited in few minutes. thanks

  • I really like your entry!! What I think is supposed to be the "I" on the left looks more like a "1". Is there anything you can do to make it look more like an I. Maye the top of the letter could continue to the right to follow the roofline but I'm not sure what you would do with the bottom of the letter #35
    • About #35, @boncherkaren thanks for the feed back... I'll submit asap.

  • I don't know i you saw my earlier comment but I was hoping you could add color to the house (at this point, doesn't really matter what color), remove the black shape in front of the house, and change the font to something like #20 or 27 #15
  • CKS
    Hi there, you feedback is appreciated!
    Erick #30
  • Please tell me if you like this design. Would you like to change the colors? If so, again please let me know! #29
  • Hi, Here is another proposal for your logo, this is brand new and total original house design I made from scratch. Hope you will like it. #28
  • I like your entry but it feels a little corporate to me. Could you remove the arc and stack the text underneath? And maybe try to add a bit more detail to the house? Thanks #1
    • About #1, @boncherkaren good evening CH.. thank you for this great message... i have submitted new design for the house CH.. feel free to check and ask for revisions.. thanks and regards....

  • It's a pretty simplistic approach, but the main idea is "Leaving a light on." Please let me know your thoughts... feedback is greatly appreciated. #20
  • I would like the focus of the logo to be on the house, not the text. This logo feels a little corporate to me #5
    • @boncherkaren thank you Sir for the feedback, it's good for my design progress

  • About #5, @SkyRolled ok Sir, your feedback is important to make design progress. thank you