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Winning design #94 by aandrei_24, Logo Design for Impact Recruitment - Certified Candidate Contest
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designed by aandrei_24

Project description

Our logo has to have a unique image/design that incorporates the words “Certified Candidate”. The words can either be a part of the design or situated below the design. Image must be LARGER or EQUAL to the size of the words – the image is the dominant part of the logo, but the words “Certified Candidate” have to be clear, easy to read, and small. We are a recruitment agency in Vancouver, British Columbia – we work on behalf of clients to find employees in the fields of accounting, marketing, sales, and construction. Therefore, the design has to be something professional – can appeal to anyone regardless of the industry they work in and position they hold. A “Certified Candidate” is an applicant to our company that has gone through a rigorous screening process before they are presented to a client. This process includes reference checks, computer skills testing, and thorough interview process among many other screening components. The design has to somehow convey that an applicant has gone through this challenging screening process and has succeeded to become a presentable candidate for a job position. Our company colours are RED and WHITE – greys and blacks can also be incorporated. White background only. Image should be modern, bold and with defined outlines. Important for this to be a unique design that is immediately eye catching and distinctive. Our company name is Impact Recruitment and we may want to use this name above the logo (because, in fact, it is an “Impact Recruitment Certified Candidate”) – so if space for this could somehow be incorporated into the layout of the design, that would be ideal.....but not necessary if it takes away from the design! This logo will be used on website, business cards, print advertising, company letterhead, newsletters, etc.

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  • Hi again #37 is another approach on the candidate popping out from the check-box. #38 and #39 are 2 variations. My vision is that the right/certified candidate is like the right piece of a puzzle. Hope you like it! Regards, Andrei
  • Hi CH Thanks for feeedback. I did requested changes, and upload #36. Regards, Andrei
  • Hi CH, do you prefer the "paper" squared (#28) or rounded (#27)?
  • Hi CH, see #28 that making "Certified Candidate" written on the "paper/line". Is the letter too small? Due to the limit of entries please rate #27, so I can provide more entry with modified the "text". Thanks.
  • Is there a way of making the words written on the "Paper" - like how you had the design in #22, but certified candidate written on the lines
  • Can you try a different text - not italic? A type of font that looks like block letters
  • To EVERYONE!! Text needs to be small and simple, no crazy fonts, nothing that jumps/stands out. The image needs to be main component, and needs to be clear, smooth, easily reproduced (we will be using it on letterheads, printing). So far really like #22 #20 #5.... if the font there is modified :)
  • Don't want the maple leaf incorporated into the design, it is too generic and too stereotypical of being Canadian
  • Could possibly work with variations ... Liked the other ideas where the lines are smoother and more simple/clear. Really liked #5!! (your first submission I believe). If you could bring that one back and add more variations of it, (ie with different colours/different text) it could absolutely work!
  • Still doesn't look professional. Text is completely off and much too big
  • Hi JCtoledo - Just eliminated 2 of your submissions by mistake - Please bring them back!! #5 and #21!
  • The font of the text is definitely not something we are looking for - it looks cartoony and not professional.If there was some way to have the design incorporate Certified Candidate and make it more simple and clear, then maybe could have some potential
  • Not professional looking and we do not want any yellow in it. Wording has to be much smaller than the image! Impact Recruitment doesn't have to be in there at all.
  • Great concept! Like how it represents full circle of process. Please make variations of the text - Remove Impact Recruitment, and somehow have Certified Candidate be more of a visual fit...but make sure the text for Certified Candidate is small and clear! Thanks
  • Like the strong/bold/clear lines...but not too crazy about the concept. Looks like the arrow is about to go through our candidate's head. -Get rid of arrow head all together -Make certified candidate smaller and different text - plain, small, clear text -Remove Impact Recruitment
  • Hi CH I jump in with #25. The right candidate pops out from the checked box. Cheers Andrei
  • So far, like the simplicity and style of #5 and #11
  • To EVERYONE: the wording "Certified Candidate" needs to be much smaller than the design.
  • Don't really understand this concept - it is confusing. Once again, Certified Candidate is much too big!
  • Looks too much like a car dealership sign. Design is not unique, and the words Certified Candidate are too big!! We want the logo to be the main part, and small "Certified Candidate"