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Winning design #100 by thereeds92, Logo Design for impact training center Contest
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designed by thereeds92

Project description

the logo we have now is not classy or serius enough. you can see a example at we want something that people will take more series. impact training center is about to take the role as a school not a gym. its still a place that people can come to workout on there own, but what we really want to offer is a system of boxing, kickboxing, grappling,basic self defense, urban and wilderness survival, crossfit style conditioning, and a overall sense of awareness and confidence in stressful situations,and greater knowledge and understanding of what to do or how to protect your family and the people that may happen to be with you if a natural disaster or accident may happen.

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  • Sure! Any comments would be appreciated to keep working on your logo. Regards!!
  • It maby looks similar but its not...but okey if u think so.
  • I am realy sorry,but this is some mistake because this wasnt a clip art.
  • please, do not use clip-art in logo design; source:
  • i do like this one let me know if you got my comments about it
  • to traditional
  • i really like this!! can you add some pics to the word impact innertwine make it bigger? we are going to be edgucating are students on more survival skills animal tracking and hunting self defense boxing kickboxing urban survival if there wer to be a natural disaster or an accident and they needed to protect family and people around at the time also put a fist on the shield
  • You are not allowed to use clipart in logo contests, the art you used is found here_
  • About #2 Please let me know how you like my design and if there is anything you want me to change, thx!
  • OK, if you like I can draw three or four ways to defend you offer inside the circle. I wonder if you like that kind of design or you prefer more abstract. I will work on the text to stand out more. a greeting I can only upload three logos, so ask before I upload the new logo
  • i like it but its not striking me as a good fit for everything we want to offer, name needs to stand out more. what bout a brighter shade of orange? we want to offer more then just a way to defend your self but a way to survive.
  • hello. I would like you to give me your opinion about the logo # 7 for me to continue working in that direction. thanks
  • #25 #26 Higher "A" of #17. Any further suggestions, just let me know Thanks for appreciating my work Jctoledo
  • #11 i like your idea of foot movement its great and respectful. i want the a to represent more a pyramid though. representing growth and knowledge in all the ways we are going to be educating or students, the colors are perfect. we are a supper close!!!!
  • this one is great!! can you make the a larger so it looks more like pyramid. to symbolize growth development reaching the peak
  • Hello! I submitted #19. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  • #17 #18 Variations of design #11. Much more generic, #18 is a stylized martial arts belt. In my opinion, the image in #11 is not limiting to a specific discipline. It represents a movement of his feet that forms the letter "A" on "IMPACT". Would like to hear what you think, Thanks for appreciating my work... Jctoledo
  • #7 i did like the idea of this early on but know im going more for the clean look of #11 it doesn't limit us to teaching any one style or art form i want something more or different done to the A though . I also like the way the word impact is braking in #12
  • To CH. About #7. tell me if you dislike something and I can make more versions. I'm waiting your feedback. It´s very important for me to give you a good desing. Thanks
  • do not use clip art in logo contest; source: