In need of fun, hip logo for a multicultural media/marketing agency's 'sign spinners' division

Thank you. This is a great concept, and I received many fantastic submissions, all for around the same price that I would have paid for a single graphic designer to create a logo. Highly recommended.


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Winning design #119 by Edeng, Logo Design for In need of fun, hip logo for a multicultural media/marketing agency's 'sign spinners' division Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Edeng

Project description

Signs and Motion's logo should reflect the youthful, yet professional personality of the division itself (the team members are mostly college students). The logo should also incorporate the same colors as the Multi Cultural Media Solutions Logo (which can be viewed at ). Our street sign promotion campaigns will canvas city blocks and have numerous spinners per project. This logo will be on all of the T-shirts that the spinners wear and on the website. Some HEX numbers for colors: 40B3E0 : B5D32F : FAAD3F : F1642B

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  • Dear CH, this logo is align with "Multi Cultural Media Solutions"
  • Dear CH, I had a misstyping. I have revised in #14. Thank you.
  • hi Doron! #1 from israel :)
  • Dear CH, About #53, I made some adjustments since your last feedback. I rearranjed the colors, and I highlited the letter G to be visible the meaning of your company (in this case motion and direction). Hope you like it. Thank you very much, and wait for a reply.
  • Hi Peter, Thanks for your submission. It was just a bit too simplistic compared to some of the others, and I am starting to favor the ones with the MC-MS logo somehow incorporated into it. Some of the other submissions just jumped out at me a bit more. Again, though thank you for your submission.
  • I would like to see this one with the word "Signs" above the logo and the word "Motion" below the logo. Also, please make the actual logo big, so that the words are the same length as the logo. Thank you.
  • Try this one, just with the text "a division of multi cultural media solutions" beneath the logo
  • Try this one, just with the text "a division of multi cultural media solutions" instead of the text that is currently beneath the "Signs & Motion" wording
  • Reminds me too much of a bullet. Thanks for the submission though.
  • Very well done, I am just afraid that this may be really hard to print and may be a bit busy, but I am still considering it, and I unfortunately don't have any real revision notes right now, but I think this is definitely a good concept, again, just a bit busy
  • Interesting. I kind of dig it somehow, the colors definitely clash and need to be adjusted, especially in the middle, but there is kind of a hip, breakdancer feel to this. Definitely needs some work in the way the colors are combined
  • I really like the direction of this one, sorry, I am not sure of the feedback yet, but something is off, maybe the text is too bubbly, the action lines are a little too think, or something, but its just not there 100%, still a great one though, still a possibility and I'd like to see more.
  • Reminds me a little bit of a game show, I think wheel of fortune. But they are all well don. Thanks for the submission
  • A little too young and bubbly. But thank you for the submission
  • I really like this one. This is definitely a top contender. I would like to see the "O" in Motion possibly shaped like an arrow, or slightly in a diamond shape. But I really like the idea, even though there isn't a sign or a spinner in it, I still think this is a very good one.
  • This one is very good. I like a few of the others as well, but I would like to keep yours as a top contender, can you just remove the line of text "an international marketing and media firm" and also, try a version with the "S&M" logo behind the actual text "Signs & Motion" as more of a back drop. I am just curios to see how it would look. Thank you for the submission.
  • Hello everyone, some really great submissions so far, thank you very much I am reviewing them and will be posting more feedback as I have a bit more to say, but for now, I am very impressed by the quality of these logos, as well as how fast you all created them.
  • dear CH. this is my entry #72 and #73 look professional feel hope you like it regard rzaq07
  • backgrounds not allowed unless requested by the contestholder
  • One design in an entry only unless requested by the contest holder