Some good designs, a few great ones. I thoroughly recommend designer FridayBless - he/she worked very well with me.

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Intelligent Network Connectivity Analysis: This is a tool that will be used by police forces to ensure that they can analyse data from masses of mobile phones. It will be used to work out who is connected to who, and how those people are interconnected. We have designed the software, but now need a logo to go with it.

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  • This is by far your best one. Can you just make the network/block area a little more complex please?
  • I like the connectivity of this one, (it could be more connected), but dont like the font or spacing.
  • Sorry, but I dont see this as relevant? I am looking for something that shows network connectivity?
    • VGB

      Thank you for your feedback. I will try different approach.

  • halloo... CH... Please check my entri #24 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • I sort of like it, but its not showing networking or connectivity.
  • I dont like this. It doesnt show connectivity - it looks like the old Atari logo!
  • I like the idea, but I would suggest its more to do with cells that network connectivity?
  • I dont like either of these designs. Neither show any sort of connectivity?
  • I just dont like this, the design or the colours. Sorry.
  • I dont like this. It needed the colour of the last one.
  • I like the colour and font, but dont quite get the network connectivity - the logo looks more like a DNA type than connection analysis?
  • I quite like this, but think the orange looks more like a radio signal than network connectivity?
  • I just dont like the font or the colour, or the design. Sorry.
  • I quite like this, but think that the C and A join should look like it does connect better.
  • This looks a bit amateurish. I dont like the sweeping design, but I do like the connectivity aspect of it.
  • Sorry, I dont like the darkness and I'm not a fan of the font either?
  • Be bold in your ideas. I don't want a nice font and something I could do myself. I want you to express yourself.
  • Hi. I'll cut to the chase. I want a stunning graphic of a network and a striking logo through it. We are talking a tool that mines into social media and mobile phone connections to extract vital information. Be inventive.
  • This looks good. It needs to show connections in networks though to link with our product. Thank you for your efforts T
  • Much better, but I would like the connectivity to be more complex - if possible?