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Winning design #43 by Routh, Logo Design for Inclusive Technologies Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Routh

Project description

We are developing a website that will be a resource about information and communication technologies (ICT) in the workplace. The site will have 3 audiences: companies that create ICT (such as software companies and web developers), employers who buy and implement that ICT, and the employees themselves. We are looking for a core image (no text) that shows these audiences in relationship to each other. For example, ICT companies try to understand what employers need so that they can create better software. Employees use the software to be productive, and employers want to maximize that productivity. Each of the 3 has a unique contribution, and communication among them can improve quality. The image should show the role of each, and somehow place them near each other to show the relationship. One version is to have 3 people who represent those roles, within a circle, each taking up 1/3 of the circle as a big pie slice. (See the example file.) The image should be easy to view and understand, with a size of about 400 x 400 pixels. Colors should be flexible because they will need to match the color theme of the overall site. Each of the sections could have a dominant color. We want to use this 3-part image as a main navigational feature. One implementation would have one of the 3 sections become highlighted when the user hovers over it, with a pop-up menu. That is, if the user hovers over the ‘employer’ slice, the popup menu would contain items relevant to employers. You do not have to implement the menu idea -- it's just here to let you know how we will use the image. This pie-slice idea is just an example. We are open to any creative but clear idea. Note that this is not a corporate logo -- no text should appear at all. We are looking for an image to represent the ideas stated above. After getting the image we want, we may want further work along these lines, for example, a few icons done in the same style for other parts of the site.

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  • Read the brief.
  • As we say in the brief, we are looking for an image, not a logo with the company name. No text at all.
  • Thanks. I see that there are 3 'parts', but nothing to show that they play the roles explained in the brief.
    • Hi, my design look like an eye of success of which is the 3 pillars of your company. In the middle Is of which showing they merge together to create success

    • Thanks for the feed back. I'll try to do another logo to show the things you need clearer

  • Can you please give me feedback on my design, thank you! #36
  • Hi -- we are ready to pick you as the winner, if you can make some minor changes. Please get back to us ASAP.
    • Dear CH, you will have 7 days to make minor changes to your winning design AFTER you pick the winner. So you can pick right away. Regards, CH Support