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Winning design #75 by keycori, Logo Design for independant and smart movie company Contest
Gold Medal

designed by keycori

Project description

something different.
boiling pot, boiling ideas.
movies based on intelligent premises.
independent, motion, momentum
a logo to be showcased on a movie theater, before the movies!!!!!
Boiling Pot with just one L

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  • Dear Contest Holder In #75 i didn't take off the bubbles because they represent the film tape.However, i incorporated the pot leaf that you wanted as a kind of fire.Also, i made an example with pot leaf instead bubbles is #76.
  • About #66 my new entries, made some different style for the pict of the pot. Hope you like it. Thanks
  • thank you for the positive feedback here is the revision for the font of #15 #50
  • I've made a review on #36 as well, #43 I hope is not too busy. Thank you, Roberth
  • Dear Contest Holder, I made a review on #31. #40 I changed the font, made the pot smaller and corrected "boilling" Thank you, Roberth
  • To contest holder: Are you looking for a logo for a movie company or for a restaurant/food related business?? no disrespect to the other competitors. Greg
  • I like it! But it is a little bit busy
  • Can I see it without the cloud
  • Can I see it with one "l" Boiling
  • I would like to see options with the fonts
  • like it a lot!!! perhaps try it with bigger letters?
  • Could we try the pot a little bit smaller and with a slender font
  • I love it. Two changes. Change the typeface to a typewriter font. And perhaps an eye blink of the lobster?
  • I like it very much, I would like to see instead of the bubbles a pot leaf...
  • The company name is with one "L" sorry for the typo on the company name
  • dbenton5: I just happen to like the marihuana leaf on that design
  • can I see it without the camera?
  • can I see it without the camera?
  • prefer without the lid
  • prefer without the lid