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designed by dkodlogo

Project description

Independent Minds :


A)   The Concept behind the Name:


Highly experienced finance executives, with an entrepreneurial and independent mind set, offering their cutting edge competencies & network for business success (taking into account 3 main angles society-environment and shareholder values).

Services offered:


-      Independent Directors (for Corporations and Investment Funds)

-      Independent Wealth Advisors (Family offices)

-      Independent Fundraisers (for Asset Managers)


B)   Logo Style, shape and colors: 


-      The logo should be an expression of pure simplicity (usually what looks simple is quite often very complex). 

-      Please use only max 3 colors (white-black-grey).

-      Fonts: we would like to use modern fonts i.e. check out the logo name: or something similar. Remark: we checked various web pages of architects because we like the idea to build something together with the clients. Architects focus on visual expression that is based on pure lines within a defined context which is similar to our business approach.


-      The reason why using a modern font is that our company is highly driven by new technologies.


-      Shape: we like straight lines and stable forms. i.e. The square represents stability/reliability or can even conceptually represent a board rooms/table where independent minds (our clients and us) work together towards a mission. The triangle is also a possibility because putting independent minds together ( the clients and us) in order to focus on a mission we play and get in motion.. therefore the triangle button. The shape is not a must.


C)   The usage of the logo:


-      FYI only: the logo will be used on our web  page that will be intuitive and stylish/minimalist with pure lines and only 3 colors white-black and grey. In other words straight to the point.


-      D) We added some ideas( see attachment) that we projected inhouse about our logo that you can use and further develop/finetune etc. Have fun!

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