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Winning design #131 by shiny, Logo Design for Independent Publicity Contest
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UPDATED BRIEF: Independent Publicity is about taking charge of your own marketing – for people who are (or feel) unsupported by traditional publishing publicity departments, or self-published authors who want to be in control of their book’s destiny – doing their own thing… Visual representation of this idea might look like the letters IP standing out in a sea of faded book images…or visually going against the grain…power, control, freedom, different. Old brief: We need a logo for our website. Independent Publicity exists to provide publicity services to authors, mostly self-published authors OR authors with a publishing house who want a more active publicity campaign. Example: an author needs a press kit done and may later need a radio tour but doesn't know who to call? Come to Independent Publicity and our team will make your pr dreams come true. After receiving some initial designs based on our original brief, we wanted to revise the brief and redirect the design to have something more to do with writing, as concept #2 does with the quill pen at the bottom. We are looking for a logo treatment as opposed to our earlier direction of a more monogram or type-driven treatment.

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  • Hello - could you please give examples of what you consider to be vintage? Perhaps links to other sites that have the proper era you would identify as "vintage." Additionally, do you have any color choices you prefer?
    • We have since updated our creative brief and I have removed that reference to vintage. Please do take a look at the new brief. I think you'll have something unique to offer now that we would like to narrow in on something icon-based to reference writing... Please see #2 design that uses a quill. We really like the feel of where that could be taking us. Sure you have some additional creative ways to create a logo around the concept of a business providing pr services to authors! Would love to see what you can conjure!

    • Acredito que você ''moderador'' está enganado. Se o colega não quer que apareçam desenhos com conceitos parecidos coloque apenas concursos cegos. Meu desenho pode até lembrar o outro mas não é igual!!! Gostaria de saber a opinião de outras pessoas.

  • AKG
    Hello, please find my logo at #8. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. AKG
    • This was too basic for what we were looking for. Thank you for your time.

  • Dear CH, I have uploaded my Logo designs. please look at my design #15 , #16, #17 and give me your valuable comment on the design. It will be very helpful to improve the design. Kind Regards, iNoesis
    • |--|

      iNoesis {*wrote*}:
      Dear CH, I have uploaded my Logo designs. please look at my design #15 , #16, #17 and give me your valuable comment on the design. It will be very helpful to improve the design. Kind Regards, iNoesis
      |--| Thanks so much for your submission. They were a bit too emblem based for us. We appreciate your time greatly!

  • Hi CH: I just submitted #10 for your consideration. Please let me know if you would like to see any tweaks or modifications. Thanks!
    • Thanks so much-it was a tad too bold for our tastes but we appreciate your time!

  • CH- I know you were leaning more toward the monogram look, but I came up with this idea and wanted to present it to you (#20). Please let me know if you would like to see any modifications with this concept or would like eliminate it altogether. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! ~FM
    • Thanks for this but I don't think it works for us. Appreciate you submitting it though!

  • We really like this. Could the curved part of the P be a tad closer to the i?
    • Hey ch im sorry i didnt see your comment....ive now sent the revision #263 if you need any changes at all just let me know...cheers :)

  • We love the pen motif. great work.
    • hey ch thank you,..ill keep throwing in some new concepts while trying to improve my design...cheers :)

  • We like this. There is a company in our space, Provident Music, that uses a very similar P. Thank you though.
  • thanks but this is a tad less complex than we were looking for.
  • We don't feel there is enough integration between the star and the P. Thank you though!
  • Designers, you are not allowed to copy other designers entries/ideas/concepts. please be original and unique
    • Can you give some examples, because it looks like the contest holder really likes the caligraphy pen-nib idea.

  • hallo... CH... Please check my entri # 125 Any feedback will be helpful. thanks
  • Hi would you please 115# 116# 117# ? thank you ...
  • submitted #109 and #110 . its a basic, idea i would like some feedback please.
  • Hi CH. Please find my entries #93, #94, #95, #96, #97. Feedback greatly appreciated. Regards SJK
  • GJR
    Pen used to make the letter P is another designers' concept
  • GJR
    pen in p and star in the nib are concepts used by another designer:
  • GJR
    Star in the nib is a copy of another designers concept:
  • GJR
    pen in p is a copy of another designers concept: infraction already given for previous entry. Please stick to the designer guidelines.
  • Hello CH! I've submitted #71 and I need your feedback. Thank you!