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Winning design #355 by mayang, Logo Design for Infrastructure Components, LLC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by mayang

Project description

I would like to have a logo design for my materials distribution business.  The industry we serve is infrastructure which includes roads and bridges.  I would like an industrial, clean look. We will consider stitching on shirts as well as business cards- I don't wish to have a design that's intricate with many lines.

I would like to view the design in each of the 3 colors I have chosen, with black as the secondary color. 
Please do not include the "LLC" in the design-
ONLY- Infrastructure Components 

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  • new version check please sir?
    regards #455
  • Infrastructure #442
  • logos are letters I and C (infrastructure components) that collaborate into images of road infrastructure that are connected to each other's access #432
  • Infrastructure #423
  • Infrastructure #420
  • YES! I like, but could you make infrastructure NOT bold? #363
    • @amy6 Ready , I will send . Does it use the same font type?

    • @amy6 Please chek revision #413 Thankyou

  • Infrastructure #409
  • Infrastructure #407
  • Infrastructure #406
  • if this design is the one we like the best, could you send it in a .vectored.eps file. ? #345
    • @amy6 I will send the file you need. Among them are JPG, PNG, PDF, PSD, EPS and AI.

  • Infrastructure #404
  • Hi. Please rate my work. This logo, expresses itself a green, light road, in which the lower part consists 3 roads, it is the arrow that shows the top, the company is light and develops. #403
    • @Bobbi28 Thank you for posting your design. The symbolism is creative! however, we are getting closer to what we want with other designs. Thank you

  • i hope you like this design. #388
    • @prajapatidivyesh03 Thank you for taking the time to post your design. However, we have narrowed our choices.

  • could you make infrastructure less bold?
  • i hope you like this... #387
  • i hope you like this design.. #386
  • new version,check please sir?
    regards #381
  • how about that? thanks before #374
  • could you make the words in the font style like 299? I like the style of those letters #305
    • @amy6 Yes , I will send it soon

    • @amy6 Please check revision design. Thankyou #363

    • @amy6 What about the revisions I sent? I have changed with the font you want. Is there any other change you want?

  • I would like to see wording in 2 or 3 different style fonts. I like the size proportion of
    infrastructure to components. Thank you. #305
    • @amy6 Please check revision design. Thankyou