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Winning design #36 by sikdesigns, Logo Design for Innate Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sikdesigns

Project description

Innate is a specialty design company providing unique home decor items. Examples of these items include but not limited to tables, chairs, picture frames, decorative re-purposed doors. Target audience of those looking for accent items or statement decor pieces between 25 - 55 years old

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  • Hi silkdesign, I like this. I have included a link of images of textured metal. Would you be able to change the grey footer to one of these textures and also move the INNATE in the footer to the right and include the slogan Repurposed Decor on the left of the footer. Thx
    • I am ready to change it, thanks for your advice, wait a few minutes I still change it to your liking

    • Hi CH, are you referring to #8? I will get right on it. Thanks.

    • if there is still a lack of fit with the design of our logo, we will wait for your advice and input from Customer satisfaction is our primary goal

    • there is less than what my design #12 , if there is less hope that you inform us fix better ?? thank you

  • Hi mrkyle, I like this design. Could you change the text from home decor to repurposed decor. Also is it possible to lighten the background without losing the effect of the old wood, if not then leave it as is. Thx
    • Thank you for the feedback! I have made the requested edits and submitted #38 for your review. Thanks!

  • Hi Satuky, I like this. Could you change the text Home Decor to Repurposed Decor. Thx
  • Hi mrkyle, I also forgot to ask if you could remove the white shadow on the text of Innate. Thx
  • Hello SDurrant! Any questions or wishes about #13 wait for feedback, thanks.
  • there is less than what my design #12, if there is less hope that you inform us fix better ?? thank you
  • Hi CH, will you see my desaign? entry #7, #10, #39, #40, #41 is my design. Any feedback is appreciated. Thank you.
  • HI CH, uploaded #34, #35, and #36 with old metal textures. Any feedback is appreciated. If there are any other requests, please advise. More than glad to help. Thanks
  • Hi CH, I have submitted entry #58 . Please rate it if you have time. I'm ready for your feedback and suggestions. Thank you.
  • hello there, if it's not too late, check my design at #57
  • Congratulations satuky. I have selected this logo. I would like to request that you change home decor to Repurposed Decor and can you make the line that appears before and after Repurposed Decor pastel purple instead of white. Thanks
    • thank you for choosing my logo, we will try to fix as soon as possible

    • hallo Sdurrant, thank you for your choice on our logo, we will always help you if you have a shortage of the logos we make

  • Third party design is not allowed in logo contests! Source:
  • Do not use clipart!!!;
  • Hi Satuky, I would like to chose you as the winner and close the contest. Will you be able to make the changes that I requested before I do this? 1) Change the words Home Decor to Repurposed Decor 2) Change the color of the line from white to purple. Let me know if you can do this. Thanks
  • Hello Sdurrant, I am hoping you will take in consideration my different design approach with submissions (unique logo for unique home decor): #73 & #74 - concept of the absract bird #75 - I added 4 legs to the bird's body as chair's logo #76 & #77 - abstract peacock (legs concept as previous) with dots as his lovely tail, and also creates letter "i". I am open for any comment and suggestion. Kind regards
  • Dear CH, please take a look at my entries #83 and #84. If you want to see any change please let me know. Any feedback would be helpful. KIND REGARDS [ JOBZ ]
  • I am going to chose this as the winning design. I would like to work with you to make a few changes before we finalize the contest. Changes will be to use a orange wood panel background and add colors that you used in #8. Maybe also incorporate a watermark. Thanks for submitting your design.