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Winning design #66 by yjoleane, Logo Design for Inner Banks Vacation Rentals Contest
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designed by yjoleane

Project description

Inner Banks Vacation Rentals will be a high end Vacation Rental Management Firm focusing on North Carolina's scenic "Inner Banks" region. This area is inland from the beaches of the "Outer Banks" and includes thousands of square miles of River, Sound, and Marsh front property. Our company fill be focsuing on managing Vaction Rental Homes in high-end communities as well as river front estates. This area is best known for its boating and sailing lifestyle and waterways. For examples of the "look" we are going for visit,, and for logo examples. Maybe use the take on the North Carolina "state flag" so people out of the are will connect NC with "Inner Banks". Please feel free to ask questions! Thanks in advance! * The State Flag idea is not a requirement*

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  • Forgot to mention, the logo needs to work both horizontally and vertically (image on the left or above the text) depending on what it is being used on.
  • Hey ecu24~ I designed a couple logos for your consideration that have a soft pen & ink/watercolor wash look to them. #6 - I replaced the 'I' with sea oats. #7 - Notice the sand is in the shape of NC. Hope you like the concepts. Kind regards, PaintedPony
    • I'think you are on the right track with #7 on the font and text layout. I'd like to see a little less complex, like logo. I like the North Carolina state shape idea! Keep playing with it.

    • @ painted pony #7 is brilliant, I love it...The NC shape as the sand is pure genius :)

    • Hi ecu24 ~ Thanks so much for the positive feedback and ratings. I'm really glad you like the concepts. :) I will work on some additional logo variations for you. @lizonil ~ Thank you for the kudos. I admire your work and appreciate the kind words. :)

  • why did you remove my designs from the contest ? what 's the problem ?????????
    • They were too playful and complex based on the information in the original Brief. Please re-read and see additional information on style we are looking for. Just following advice of on feedback. Thanks.

  • Inner Banks Vacation Rentals or Inner Banks Vacations
  • what the text you want to put in the design ......................................................................................................... ?
  • Just a thought, what if the "line" almost resembled a nautical rope? Maybe worth a try...
    • I like that idea! I'll work on some versions for you to include a rope, thanks.

    • Hi ecu24~ Let me know what you think about #26 #27 and #28 with rope and nautical-looking accent lines. I tried to keep them clean, simple and classic. Thanks.

  • One more idea for your consideration that features a nautical flag with the color of NC flag: #14
    • Really like this one! Very clever way if using a nautical style flag with NC flag colors! Can I see a couple more variations of this one? Maybe lose the lines on either side if the flag, make vacation rentals a little bigger, etc. I like where this one is going...

    • Also, could you fit the gold NC in the flag, or would that be too intricate in getting the logo printed and/ or embroidered?

    • Hi there~ Thanks for the feedback and ratings. I'm glad you like that one, thanks. Here are a couple variations for your review: #18 and #19. I'm not sure about including the gold NC letters in the blue area of the flag as when the logo is reduced quite small (like on a ballcap for example), I think it would close up and might be hard to read? I'll do a version for you to look at....

    • What do you think about #20 and #21 that include the NC letters?

  • Really like this. Maybe see a couple more variations, but I love the flag, the colors, and Fonts. Also, when you provide other samples, make sure to use it both vertically and horizontally. Keep'em coming!
  • Wanted to get your thoughts on using a lighthouse which ties in with the boating/sailing lifestyle of the intracoastal waterway. #11 is a very stylized Cape Hatteras lighthouse to see if you like.
  • Hi ecu24~ Please find #9 for your review. It is a modification of #7 to include a vertical/stacked layout as well as a horizontal layout to give you versatility with the logo. Thanks, PaintedPony
  • Can you try this one with lower case letters after the "I" and after the "B" in? (i.e. Inner Banks) Thanks!
    • Hi ecu24~ I provided several font options for your review. Some are a little thinner, some a little bolder to see what you like: #43 #44 #45 #46 Thanks, PaintedPony

  • About #40 - Thought I would try a square nautical flag as well to see how it looks.
  • Could I see how this would look horizontally as well? With the image to the left. Thanks!
    • Hello CH, thanks for the feedbacks on the designs! I've uploaded some horizontal options #39 for your consideration, please let me know any changes you would like to see. Best regards.

  • Liking these concepts as well! Thanks!
  • Hey ecu24~ Thanks for the ratings. I revised #57 slightly to still include the reference to the NC flag as well as looking like a sailboat. Thanks!
  • Can you make "vacation rentals" bigger? Not the same length of "Inner Banks", but larger... Thanks!
    • Of course! Already did it, It's #53 If you need more alterations just let me know Best regards

  • Can you play with the fonts for "vacation rentals" a little bit? I'd like to see some different variations. Thanks!
    • Of course! I uploaded #66 and #67 with different font variations, check them out and let me know which one you like. Also I added a very light gray shadow behind "Inner Banks", let me know if you like it or not. If you need anything else, just let me know! thanks

  • . Hello! I've just submitted logo #70, I would really appreciate any suggestions as to what I might do to improve my design. Please let me know if my choice of colors is right. Looking forwards to receiving your feedback. Thank you!
    • Different font choice #74 feedback please.Thank you.

  • Hi CH! I would preferred a feedback for the #73. Please, give it one if you can, thank you!
  • Hi CH, I have submitted my two designs #80 and #81.