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Winning design #38 by musaver786, Logo Design for Inner Health 360    Your Personal Wellness Studio Contest
Gold Medal

designed by musaver786

Project description

This is a start up business by a chiropractor. However, we don't want chiropractic to be the lead concept. The concept has four aspects to it for balance: Wellness (exercise, stress release), Nutrition, Massage and Chiropractic Care. This is a membership based business that is different in that we will hold cooking classes (plant based nutrition), access to a personal gardener to help members start their own small gardens, soft touch chiropractics, preventative medicine, brain health exercises, an on-site gym with upscale equipment, an on-site massage therapist, a personal trainer and organized outdoor activity adventures (like kayaking, hiking) for members. Target market is 37 years to 60, middle to upper socio-economic level and health minded.

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  • Represent the chiropractic just a tad bit more please. Current designs almost appear like yoga.
  • Can you combine your character with a spine on your #16 entry into this compass? The current character looks a little too yoga-ish. How can we get the concept of balance between brain&spine, nutrition, massage and wellness into one character inside the circle? You are so talented. Thank you for your designs so far!
    • Hi! I'll get back to you as soon as I can about this. Thank you for your feedback! I'm glad you liked them!

    • Hello, I made some new entries with the compass with other characters (#22 and #23). I also tried to add some leaves for the natural aspect of your studio. There are some color variations too.

    • Hi, I've made a few modifications to #22 in entries #39 and #40. The idea about the compass is unique for your kind of business (and it was the first thing I thought when I saw the "360" part in the business name), so I really wanted to keep that in my design but I tested in #40 if it could be only hinted at with the smaller arrows. Let me know if there's anything you'd like to change in any of the designs! Best regards, lstyrman

  • I'm liking it! I have to show my partners the revision and get back to you. Thank you.
  • Do you think you can subtly incorporate a spine, or brain and spine, into the character you have on the green plant background? It may give more balance to the concepts of wellness, chiropractic care, nutrition and massage. Not sure how you could incorporate massage into it too, but maybe it could be possible with your super creative mind! Thanks!
  • Stock images are forbidden in logo contests. Please be more creative next time.
  • Can you incorporate a spine in this? Please drop the brackets. This looks pretty good so far! Thank you.
    • Ok,Sir. I will try to make it for You. Thanks for the feedbacks.

  • To represent the chiropractic I used a stretched out figure.
  • How can we send a file showing changes we would like to make. We are probably going with your design. asap please
  • We have decided that your design is best for our needs. We would like to send a request to you to make some color changes, etc. How should we do this?
  • Hello, you made one of these with green leaves and added the image of a spine. Somehow, it is not showing up on the contest page! We will be making our decision tomorrow. Can you resend it? We really liked the revision you made.
    • Hi, I'm not sure if it's my place to comment on this, but in case You're expecting to see this logo again, I'm afraid that this design that disappeared, was found to be a copy of another businesse's logo. I tried to create something original on that theme (entries #48 and #49) for You. Best regards,

  • You can't use elements of existing logo designs, found here
  • Your entry is using a unique idea/concept of the compass, this idea is used in this contest, please be original