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Winning design #95 by sajid2032, Logo Design for Innotis Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by sajid2032

Project description

Please, update this logo, proposing a modern, smart, pure and simple logo. Please, keep the concept of the logo : - collaborative teams - open source - consumer electronics See the current logo at

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  • Hello! I have submitted entries #11, #12, and #13 for any feedback you may have. Suggestions on how to make it more suited to your needs would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  • Dear CH, I've uploaded my design- #3. Please let me know if you have comments or suggestions for my design, so that I can improve it for you. Thanks & Cheers
  • Hi CH, Please check my entry, #17 Hope you like it. Thanks & Godbless......
  • Hi, Could you try to design the same without the gradient effect on circles ? and with circles borderless? Thanks !
    • Hi! Thanks for the feedback. Check design #55. Hope that is the way you want.

  • could you propose the same idea with circles and points the same color ? the O looks smaller than other letters too, that's disturbing thanks !
    • hi thanx for feedback submitting #45 for your review

  • Dear CH, Feedback and ratings will be highly appreciated on #44
  • look #58 Hello, here my proposal for updating the logo, the logo would be my proposal letter O representing an eye, or rather vision ambitious projects
  • Bonjour monsieur, pourriez-vous regarder le logo #67, merci beaucoup, à bientôt...
  • Hello Would like your feedback on the proposed #108. Thanks
  • Hello Would like your feedback on the proposed #103 and #108. Thanks
  • Please don't copy each other design....Tanya don't you think your recent design almost copy of my design. please please please don't copy.
  • Thanks a lot. We like your logo. In fact, it's short-listed as you saw with the #36. Can you try to use the same idea and add a bubble ? I also like your #93, but I think there is too much colors. Can you keep only 2 colors instead of 3 ? Thanks !
    • Hi i have submitted a new version #94....if you like it please comments. thanks

  • Dear all, Our favorites are #36 and #64. We would like to have a mix of both, using the simple and monochromic #64 with the double bubble "O" shown in the #36. Can you try to work on that please ? Many thanks.
    • thanks for your appreciation....submitted new design with your requirements. have a look.

  • Hi Logoziner, Can you add a big size logo, only with the big "O" (see #64) and the additional buddle, like in your logo, in order to have (like in the #64) the name-logo and a short logo ? Thanks.
  • Hello, I submitted #91, #90, #89, #88, #87, #86, #85, #84, #83, #82, #81 for your review. I hope these are along the lines of what you are looking for, let me know if theres anything I can do!