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Winning design #8 by tski, Logo Design for INNOV8 - Cloud Computing Contest
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designed by tski

Project description

For a new startup company, we are looking for a new logo, well actually 3 logos :-) The name of our company will be "innov8" and our core business will be providing consultancy in cloud computing, new technologies, .... to small/medium sized businesses, providing online information about new technologies, ... Within this company we have two divisions (more will follow): "cloudar" (consulting part) and "" (website with comparison/reviews of different cloud providers). The logos should represent our core business objectives and the designs should be unique and appealing. Off course the design for each division needs to be a bit in the same trend, so it's obvious that all these divisions belong to the same company. To summarize: 1. innov8; the company 2. cloudar; the consultancy division (the word cloudar is a contraction of the word "cloud" and "radar"); here we are constantly looking for new opportunities, and doing extensive market research regarding cloud computing and other new innovative technologies... 2.; website on which a bunch of cloud providers are compared with eachother and where their services will be reviewed ... I hope this is clear enough to start, but feel free to ask any questions if you have any.... Cheers, Bart

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  • Dear Bart, here is my entry: #25 I kindly ask you a feedback on it. Regards.
  • Submitted a proposal for your consideration, #15, kind regards.
  • The light bulb idea is already being used by another designer
  • Hello, here's my first entry. #11 please send feedback... Grts from Belgium.
  • hi,please see #10 and #12 and provide feedback if possible... thanks
  • Hi, Contest Holder check #6 please provide feedback, Thanks
  • hello, do you have any preferences regarding color scheme and other details or are you open to anything? :)
  • Hi CH,here's my first entry to the contest #2... please review it and provide feedback... thanks
  • Hi CH. ¿Could the innov8 logo go with a tag, e.g. "Consulting"?
  • this is almost exact copy of entry 8
  • #52 #53 #54 The text that makes the borders of the cloud fuzzy is a filler, you can put any descriptive text of your company there.
  • Hello CH! i have been submitted my entry #82, please share you're feed back and any suggestions appreciated. thank you!
  • Could you kindly take a look at my proposals, #67. Thanks in advance.
  • Please consider and review my logo proposals #79.Thanks
  • The best design so far, can you try to add a subtle color accent (like #74) ? Also the radar in the cloudar logo makes is a bit to "complex" a simpler radar might be better?
    • Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback. A revision (#100) has been uploaded. Any further alterations do not hesitate to get in touch. Regards, Tom

  • Good morning Contest Holder. Could you kindly look at my logo options, #103, and tell me what you think. They portray "innovative infinite technological solutions", I hope this will suffice, Thanks.
  • Some good ideas (I like the radar next to the cloud) but the logo's are a bit to "complex". We like something clean and simple
    • Thank you. :) I can remove some elements and make it more minimal, but I see that you already have such entries from other designers. The idea behind my design was to convey the services offered by each product in the most efficient way possible. A more 'minimal' logo will be merely abstract, offering multiple interpretations, thus not making a solid impact. I hope you find what you're looking for. Regards. :)

  • Some good idea's in the logo's... I like the cloudier logo most. The other two logo's are a bit to complex. We like the "Less is more" concept in logo's.
  • The circle around the 8 and around the cloud makes the logo a bit to complex. We like "clean" and "simple" logo's
  • Can you try this in #8's font?