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We need a corporate logo for the "EvoSpend" name. This logo will be used on websites, corporate documents, blogs, social media etc. Feel free to adjust lettering in any manner, "EvoSpend", evospend, EVOSPEND, Evospend, eVOSpend etc...

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  • i just try to make it simple.. use 2 color, green as money and light yellow as the color of cream.. hope u like it.. :D
  • not bad.. can you try to make it not as wide.. maybe vertical or circle or something?
  • not professional
  • not professional
  • this is not very professional
  • no background color is allowed unless requested by CH.
  • #5 is a revision of #4, I made sure it was centered and aligned straight. Please provide feedback, thanks.
  • try other icons pls
  • too plain..
  • not bad.. can you adjust the capitalization, the "e" and "s" and try other icons than a coin?
  • i like the capitalization.. but the "E" in front seems to big.. pls adjust..
  • try again without the dollar sign pls ..
  • lets play more with the layout?
  • this is a little better..need something more
  • I concentrated on the "Emotion, Aspiration, Trust" part of your brief.
  • About #35 I am trying to go for the look/feel of Upscale magazine. The logo is aspirational and sophisticated; the bright colors playing with the mover/shaker icons. You can use the upper part and lower part together or by themselves. #34 is another attempt. Thanks.
  • about # 96 in this design was used giving an arrow direction and at the same time be part of the drive letter giving force and direction.
  • it also represent the mountain and that consumers can reach the top of it, and live "higher end lifestyle".
  • Dear CH, I have made a strong, stable, reliable, communicative, professional, unique logo for your company. Colors represent everything that I already mentioned and also your audience, African Americans, Latino , Caucasian and white. This logo will build strong stable relationship with your audience,and partners. It is also illustrates the mobile technology/service that you provide. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes, or different variations from me. regards,
  • Dear Contest Holder, Design #87 is a friendly and professional logo. The globe icon represents your company's ideas of philanthropy and connection. The color green represents the financial aspect, while giving the logo a friendly and environmental appearance as well. Rather than using a harsh black, I decided to use a subtle gray to contrast the green in the design. I also gave the company name a gradient effect to make he design pop. Please let me know if you would like to see any changes! Sincerely, Claunch Design Studio