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Winning design #354 by B3J0, Logo Design for Innovator TV Contest
Gold Medal

designed by B3J0

Project description

Our company is called InnovatorTV. It is basically going to be a website where we are going to deliver online interviews and shows about some of the greatest innovators of our time.

It we will be interviewing people who are innovating in their respective industries with the audience will be able to ask them questions and ask for advice.

So our logo should probably be tied to either some sort of engineering tools, gears, science or resemble something signifying it is an online tv network. Or even both. Nothing is set in stone so turn in some designs and we will decide in the direction to go in from there.

The colors are still up in the air so I will leave that up to you for now. 

Thanks for checking my contest out and good luck!

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  • Can I see your design with a couple of different fonts. Also can you make a design with the light bulb a bit smaller and a dark bottom like in design #353. #354
    • ok will tell me denngan some fonts so that you can better memeilih where you think

    • About #354, @tgulezian ok will tell me denngan some fonts so that you can choose which one is better according to you,,,thanks

  • Hello, here is my concept please let me know what you think and tell me how I can make this your logo. Thanks! #510
  • each color can change or any other detail will be added if you need #509
  • Hi tgulezian!
    Here are my new proposals #491 , #490 , #489 , #488
  • zag
    Hi tgu,

    Please Advise and give me feedback.

    zag #485
  • hi!
    hope everything is good there,
    here is a Special design for you #479 and #480
    for any changes feel free to contact me
  • animation: #478
  • Innovator TV #461
  • Innovator TV #460
  • your feedback can make ideas grow #457
  • your feedback can make ideas grow #456
  • This is my design, I hope you like and give feedback.

    Regards #455
  • Can you try a different font for your designs. I think it might look a little better with a different font. Thanks. #340
  • Can i see a design with only two boxes at the end and a design with only the tv box at the end. Thanks. #238
    • Hi CH, Please check #448 and #449 for the variations as you requested. Please feel free to ask for more modifications if you need. Thank you.

  • A simpler version of my design #438
    Feedback are appreciated.
  • Hi tgulezian!
    This is a simplified version just with light bulb. Please check my other proposals #198 #199 #200 #201 #413 #414 #418
    • @digitalmojito I like the design style of #418 the best

  • new design please feedback to my design #354
    • @B3J0 I like the addition of the second gear on the "o"

  • Innovator TV #420
  • Hope you like this suggestion. Innovative TV #403
    Would love to get feedback!
  • This is my design, I hope you are happy with this design, I want to give the best for you. Thanks #398