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Winning design #42 by morabira , Logo Design for Inovative Dating Website Startup Looking for Awesome New Logo Contest
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designed by morabira

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I'm not sure what I'm looking for with our new logo. I have some basic ideas, but I don't want to discourage a good designer from an creating an idea that I might like - by giving him or her another idea. That being said, I think I would prefer something simple and visually beautiful. And although I'm open to ideas that might have a heart image on it somewhere, I don't really want to see a heart shape prominently in the logo. Thanks in advance for your submission. I'm looking forward to seeing it.

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  • sunday (1st), monday (2nd), tuesday (3rd)... Heart, 3 and t combination...
  • Hey CH, #36 plays a little more on wine glasses and the swirling wine that swishes around when you make a toast. The negative space of the wine forms the "u" and the "e". Hope you like!
  • Hello, #34 plays with several symbols while subtly displaying the "TD" in Tuesdate. One of the symbols it displays is cupids arrow from tip to fletching. Another symbol is the abstract female and male symbol. Not necessarily implying that these two symbols interact with each other only but merely representing that the site caters to both sexes. #33 expresses the joining of the letters "t" and "d". They are not quite touching as your site is the missing link to both parties finding their potential love. It's more of a message of hope and the possibility of closeness or oneness.
  • I know you said you didn't want a prominent heart, but I made it and really liked it, and wanted you to see if you like it too. I tried to make the kissing couple not be a girl and a guy, but a unisex couple, to show that all kinds of love are accepted. Hope you like it!
  • Keept it simple in silver. Tried to show you how good it looks on coloured background. The last logo - is just to show a little heart as the dot in ".com". Please tell me if you would like me to work futher with the idea. #20 #21 #22
  • Dear CH, does tuesday have anything specific to do with the website?
  • 7 days in the week, 6 ordinary, but on the tuesdays the hands meet... designKB
  • This submission is a slight variation of #5. I realized I had put the calendar page tears in the wrong location, so I removed them altogether and made it look like there's some extra pages at the bottom of the calendar.
  • Just a simple design. I you like the concept just let me know and I can keep working on it
  • Hi, would you like to have any pictures in the logo,if yes please suggest so i can improve my concept and tell me about any certain fonts you would like to include.
  • Entries 120 & 121 are similar to my entries 83 & 84. I think that the full day of the week written out is an important part of the name. Thus you will find it in all my entries. No other explanation is given for the name of the company. Other designs have alluded to the name being associated with the day of the week. It is a good pun but needs visual as well as written reinforcement for the name to be catchy and understood. Did the contest host fall in love on a Tuesday, have a first date on Tuesday? Statistically, is that the best day of the week for folks to ask one another out for the weekend? The other part of the design is the word date, written across Tuesday like someone might write on a day block on the calendar. It is written with an exclamation point to emphasize that this is an exciting time! With that theme in mind, then finding the best combination of fonts, colors, effects and flourishes for emphasis will result in the best final design. The calendar/day of the week theme could work well into a multi-media (flash) set up for the web site with a hand writing date! over the Tuesday on the calendar and then a zoom in for the short version of the logo, like you are seeing here.
  • hello there. The key element here is the “X”, which can be seen in two ways: - The X itself as a reference to the most “carnal” part of a date - Two arrows colliding with each other that can symbolize: A game play with both female and male symbols, or even the relationship or connection between two individuals. I used the color red, for I think it’s the best to express feelings such as love or passion. Don’t know if it’s visually beautiful, but I think it’s as simple as it gets. :)
  • the light bulb idea is already being used in this contest, the light bulb idea/concept is unique so the idea/concept can't be used by everybody else, just the original creator
  • About #105 I tried to work an image fresh, new, cool based on a concept of unity and fun colors of love and illusion.
  • #104 and #103 People in date's webpage is looking for the person that they can trust, they can get not only love, passion, but also warm. I chose gold colar - it is warm, trust able. In one from my created logos, (104) rose symbolizes romance, also love and passion, frames symbolizes connection, this font - from my point of view looks warm. It feels tasty. And it shows that all work is done seriuosly, without any jokes people find their matches. In second logo, I suggested - kiss (103). Kiss between two persons, who found each other, is very important - in it they put everything they feel about each other - love, passion, trust, warm, expectations.
  • In this post symbolize 2 people looking for and that is symbolized by being back, questions or suggestions to improve the design will be welcome thanks
  • Also added #94, and #95, feedback would be awesome!
  • In this post symbolizes the union with the 2 initial letters, questions or suggestions to improve the design will be welcome thanks
  • I added #12. I hope you enjoy it.
  • Thank you!