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Winning design #136 by krisdesign, Logo Design for Inspire Greatness Contest
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designed by krisdesign

Project description

Im designing a supplement company and would like a logo I can use for T-shirts, Banners, ads and especially products. I need a motivational design that is professionally done. I would like it to say IGFitlife with Inspire Greatness underneath it. Id like it to be professional, motivational and look very eye catching. As modern as possible as well. The colors I have up are just suggestions, use any colors besides lime green, red, yellow. Needs to be very eyecatching, thanks.

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  • hi ch, as youve seen ive uploaded some variations and some new concepts #20 #21....if you want any changes or modifications you are always welcome to tell me :) cheers:)
    • Hi, can I get the logo done in alot of different colors? Such as grey, green, blue, black, silver, white, purple. Alot of combinations please!

    • Hi and no reflections on these please! Thank you.

    • all the rgbs are in #51 and the basic dlx colors are in #52

    • Throughout the symbols there is a slight reflection, is there anyway that can come out? That would be perfect. Thank you

    • do you need the glossiness or should i remove them aswell..:)

    • yep doing that aswell .....................................:)

    • what about the dropshadows do you them removed aswell:)

    • They are fantastic as is now, can you do the same for the larger selection as well? Thank you that would be all for now

    • im on it what about the drop shadows though do you need it..:)

    • #54 without the drop shadows... ill be back with the drop shdows in it, in a bit :)

    • #56-all colors with the drop shadows. #55-basic colors without the drop shadows. if you need anymore variations/modifications ,i am always there.. and i couldve had uploaded every color in an individual pic...but my designer level dosent allow me to do so....... in the meanwhile ill try to upload more concepts :) cheers

    • #60 new concept ig snail :P

  • Looks great
    • What does it mean, "it must be in the logo"? If you have already picked a winner just close the contest and work with the designer to polish this logo. You can't ask designers to use routh's design/concept in other designers' entries.

    • Hi there, designers are NOT allowed to copy the ideas and concepts of other designers in the contest. This is not fair to the original creator of the idea/concept

    • Okay I did not know, apologize.

  • Hi, can you make the font a little more eyecatching? Thanks
    • Thank you for feedback, Please see the revision on #24 Regards,

  • Hello CH, I have submitted #16. I hope it is to your liking. I can make changes if need be. Thanks, Paul
  • Also, can you please take the shadow out from underneath the emblem? Its amazing! Love it!
  • OMG I love the emblem!!!I love the colors as well! Can you make the "Inspire Greatness" in cursive?
  • Hi can I get a variety of colors please?
  • Sir, May I ask about what business sector that the company involved? Thank you.
    • It is in the supplement business in the fitness industry.

  • Possibly making the Inspire Greatness into a signature. and switching up the emblem and font of IGFitlife
  • I like the Inspire Greatness on the bottom, maybe if at all changing the emblem to something else and switching up the IG FitLife font up. Thanks!
  • If the one on the left could have almost like a signature look to the "Inspire Greatness" and switching up the top to a slightly differently style or font would be VERY close. Thanks
  • I will need something a little more serious and eyecatching, thanks.
  • Looks like Routh has already got this in the bag based off the conversation between him and the company owner lol. Anyways mine are #49 and #50
    • i hope so too cole :) .

  • Hi CH. I have upload #57 Please check it.. thanks..
  • Hello I submitted the #45 giving three variations. I also have more colors I could use. Please let me know what you think.
  • Hey CH! I just submitted #37 and would love to hear some feedback on it. Thank you and hope you like it.
  • Hello CH, Any chance of some feedback for my design #16? Am I going in the right direction? Thanks, paul
  • you are not allowed to copy designers in the contest even if the ch requests this
  • To all designers... you are not allowed to use or copy another designers idea/concept. Please be original
  • mockups not allowed in logo contests unless requested by the contestholder