Integrative Veterinary Care

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Project description

I am starting a mobile, integrative veterinary practice, and need a professional (but fun!) logo to brand my business. I offer a spectrum of care for all animals - including standard (Western) medicine and surgery, as well as acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, nutritional therapy and laser therapy. I want my logo to convey the integrative nature of my business, as well as the spectrum of species I treat (not just dogs and cats)

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  • I wanted to do something fun and different than what everybody else had done. But i hope you like it! #86

  • Integrative Veterinary Care #83

  • Integrative Veterinary Care #83
  • The animals are enlarged
  • The animals are enlarged #82
  • updated version 02 #81
  • updated version 01 #80

  • Hello contest holder

    I am posting my design concept according to your design brief and requirement

    Hope you will like my design

    Kindly check and guide me with your feedback and rating so that I can bring my design more closer to your expectation and likeness and can present you the best design of your choice


  • Thank you for the feedback, I try to improve the design, and if you want more improvements, please feedback, thank you #68
  • I do not like the color (green) it is too bright #27
  • I don't like the colors and I don't like the fonts of the words #17
  • I don't like the colors and I don't like the stars #65
  • I don't like the color (green) and I don't like the crosses #40
  • I don't like that some of the animals are upside down #21
  • The animals are too small to see the details of what they are #35
  • I don't like the colors (green/red) also the bug and turtle don't really make sense in the center #58
  • I also do not like the rabbit - that is the only species I don't work with #50
  • I don't like the star I would rather change or eliminate that #51
  • I don't like how some of the animals are upside down #32
  • I don't like how some of the animals are upside down #56