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Winning design #108 by vberla, Logo Design for Intensity Midstream Contest
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designed by vberla

Project description

We are a crude oil and natural gas pipeline company that is looking for a logo design.

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  • Any luck in changing the darker green to black? #47
    • @dggipson Sorry for late. i can not post it again for my elder brother weeding.

    • @dggipson color is changeable. I can able to change any type of color with your requirement.

  • 2 #116
  • like this? #115
  • Please #24 with changed colors. #108
  • Can you please change the color of the middle dash to to green and also change the color of the dash on the right to light blue (like the middle one is right now) #24
  • Can you please change the darker green color to black? #47
  • In the lower part of the flame is now built "drop" which symbolizes oil, so they are now presented both your oil and gas activities. #99
  • please coment design me.....:)
    thanks..... #94
  • I hope that shade of green OK.
    If you have certain requests let me know. #84
  • About #58,
    is there any feedback to this design,? thanks
  • What would this look like with green and blue? #68
  • About #79, @PinoyAku
    Hi Ch, I think this is the design that you've been looking for.
  • - #73
  • kindly check my logo proposal to your company i hope you like it
    thank you:) #57
  • Can you please remove the text on the third line " crude oil and natural gas..." #11
    • About #11, @dggipson

      Ok i remove it now and post it again soon. Just wait please.


  • Hi this is my second design. Please check it any comment is greatly appreciated. Its an abstract letter "m" in navy blue color, with letter "i" in strong orange color as for intensity. Thank You.. #41
  • Hi... kindly check my design... in the diamond shape is the letter "m" in grey color, and abstract "i" in orange color. any comment is greatly appreciated. Thank you. #17
  • Let's see how it looks removing the line through the middle of the circle and the related text. #1
    • @dggipson Thank you for rating my entry. I've submitted #4 per your request. Let me know of any other mod's I can make to improve it... Thanks again, eRic

  • Please spell Midstream correctly. Please add an "a" after e. #3