Interesting Bistro & Pub requires fun upbeat yet elegant logo

I had a wonderful experience and there were so many wonderful designers. It was a great experience and I have passed the site onto many others that are considering a new logo and website. I have another business that I am starting up so I am interested in having Design Contest host my contest. Thanks to Contest Design support, Sharie Voss for her support as well. She removed my frustrations and made sure that the designer uploaded files I could open and she also made sure that I was happy with the process. Kudo's to you Sharie. Thanks again Design Contest for a wonderful experience. Susan


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Winning design #141 by zounds, Logo Design for Interesting Bistro & Pub requires fun upbeat yet elegant logo Contest
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designed by zounds

Project description

For the past year I have been working on better service, better food and choosing specific markets to cater to. Our logo on the website has been with us for 6 years and we would like a fresh look. We like our building as it is recognized globally and has become an icon locally. Our surroundings are spectacular. We regualarly see "Lucy" our harbour seal, many Seagulls, Salmon during spawning season, BC Ferries, sail boats, yachts, beautiful little islands also surround us and of course our snow tipped mountains. Items on our new menu is fresh clean food for people that suffer from Gluten allergies, Diabetics and calorie counters and we also cater to those that love the traditional deep fried foods one expects from a pub. I am unsure of that I am asking for so I look forward to diversity. I do want a logo that says Lighthouse Bistro & Pub, one that says Lighthouse Bistro and one that says Lighthouse Pub. All the same of course but would like them broken out into the three groups.

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  • #1 is very traditional. To me it is ageless which I like, but I am very open right now to all options and look forward to new fresh logo's.
  • I quite like #1. If anything take the green quite dark and redden the centre a bit keeping the brown look.
  • About #14. This is a slight variation in color and font from #1. Would like to hear your comments.
  • So far this one is the most liked.
  • Hi Bobo I do like the concept but needs a bit more excitement. Because we are such an icon I like the bistro building in the logo.
  • Hello Manders Yes, I understand what you are explaining and it's nice. I am looking for more character. I have done a bit of research and realized that blue is not an appetizing colour so I am now steering away from blue tones. I have also learned that yellow is meant for fast foods. Yellow is appealing and attracts people but while being surrounded by it the customer has a tendency to want to leave. hmmm... interesting. Orange/Red/Green/ tones are apparently the most appetizing, warm colors from a psychological standpoint and give customers a feeling of being welcomed. Our establishment is difficult to market because of the very different atmosphere's (bistro & pub)so it will be difficult to create a logo to fit both. We are not changing the name so we have to incorporate both the pub and bistro into one name.
  • Dear contest holder, here's my first one. If you like this concept, we can move on to other versions you mentioned in the brief (logos for bistro and pub separated, etc..). Thanks! Boris
  • Dear CH, Here is my first entry #2. I used overlapping pentagons as the main part of the logo obviously because you had mentioned in the brief that your iconic building is also a pentagon, which I accented with abstract birds as sort of a symbol of the harbor aspect of your business. I hope you like it. Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks!!
  • Hi CH! #36 #37 are my designs. It's a bottle of beer as lighthouse, and plate as land. If something needs to change, just say. Hope you like it
  • dear CH, did something in your original coloursytle. Hope you like the modern mix of your existing architecture and some fresh new typography. greez cyanmatt
  • This one is a nice concept as well. Keep working on this.
  • I am liking this concept for sure. I do, however like #13 lighthouse
  • I like this one too. A lot going on though so maybe make the name a bit more clear so it pop's out.
  • This is good but I would much rather see the actual lighthouse as opposed to the patio roof. The lighthoue is the icon of our city. Also I prefer a different font.
  • This is okay, but it needs more character added.
  • This is good but a bit too much of one color. I'd like to see more of the lighthouse building and a bit more colour. Maybe add some brown/red colour to it.
  • THis is very classy. Because it's such a classy look and our pub and restaurant have a bit of both types of demographic I would say it doesn't reach out to our current clientel
  • I really like the lighthouse on this one. It's exactly what we are trying to show off. I like the light coming out of the top. I don't like the rectangular box though.
  • This is kind of simple but I like it.
  • Love the font. Maybe a bit more energy