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Winning design #99 by kwik, Logo Design for International consulting firm logo Contest
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designed by kwik

Project description

Company name: Pacific Rim Advisory. Logo should contain this whole name. Pacific Rim Advisory, a consulting firm, is based in the U.S. with operations in Asia, South America, and Europe. We offer services in the following areas: Global Geopolitical Advisory & Research Geopolitical shift and movements Political Risk Advisory Customized Reports and Analysis Customized Presentations Media advisory Venture Diplomacy & Globalization Support Because your international needs require dedicated support to identify challenges, opportunities, and solutions. International Strategy Development International Research Services Tailored international research Public Affairs Consulting & Strategic Relationships When seeking international support and success, relationships matter. Whether in California, Madrid, or Beijing, organizations of all types must recognize the power of a successful public affairs strategy. Strategic relationships Government Affairs Advisory services for diplomatic missions Special advisory packages for embassies and consulates International connectivity and visibility Our company is called Pacific Rim Advisory.

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  • Hi CH The company name would be.....? Thank you Andrei
    • Name of the firm is "Pacific Rim Advisory"

  • not a fan of the PRA logo portion
  • I'm liking where you're going with this. Perhaps something to give it an even more global or international flare?
  • Interesting, but the icon is too large and a little odd-shaped.
  • can i see this one with one change: change the solid blue bottom half of the globe to a grid pattern like the upper green part, but keep the blue color. Let's take a look at that. Thanks!
  • I like where you're going with this, but the globe is kind of looking like an Islamic crescent, which, while a nice symbol, isn't what I want to convey here. Perhaps a less C-like globe?
    • I uploaded improved logo #52. If you want another change, just let me know. Thank you.

  • I actually like the icon portion. But I would like to avoid the "PRA" in the logo. I just want the whole name of the firm. thanks.
    • #50 #51 Suggested versions. Icon and the whole name. Thank you for the feedback. Jctoledo

  • I really like #13 and #48 you've done. Can we add a tiny bit of green somewhere in the logo(s)? I also especially like the small caps font.
  • I prefer the direction you're going in in #49 (except for the crescent-shaped globe) to this one. Thank you.
  • Any chance of adding just a little bit of green to this?
  • Thank you for participating in the contest, but I would like to go another route. In this logo, the globe is not quite what I'm looking for.
  • Sorry, I'm not into the globe's stripes in this sample. Thank you.
  • Let's try again with the font from your #8, or maybe something in between.
  • Can I see something like this on white background, also using the dark blue? And maybe a font modification as well?
  • Hi CH, Greetings! here are my concept to you logo #41 and #42... Hope you will provide me a feedback.. thanks. Kind regards, Kevin Q.
  • How about a different font and without the parallel lines on either side of "advisory"?
  • Hi i entered with two proposals, #28 and #29. Feedback is welcome. Thianks, Andre
  • Can we see this with a slight modification on the lower part of the globe icon? Perhaps a continuation of the grid?
    • I uploaded new improved design. Thanks for your comment.

  • Thank you for submitting this design, but I have decided to move in another direction.
  • Can I see this all-blue logo done with the continuing grid and lines just like in your #57? Thanks!
    • Hi CH please see my update design #76 thanks,,,,,,