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We are looking for a re-design of a current logo. Wow us!

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  • Any ideas on how the website address can be added?
  • Send me a version of the logo with the font found on the white lettering on entry #23
  • See if you can get soem better flags in there and space them a little closer together. May bo a tad bigger with font on line 2.
  • Pretty damn good! Lets tighten it up and I think you are going to be the winner!
  • Let's you and I start from scratch. Here is what I want you to do....First line...INTERNATIONAL METALS.....second line....Look at the top right hand corner of my website. See the flags? On the second line of my logo I want you to place 5 flags. USA, Canada, UK, Swiss, Germany....Then to the right of the flags come in with....GOLD BULLION TRADING & INVESTMENTS...third line....Gold Silver Platinum Palladium....Not dots...Vertical lines only.
  • Show me this in all white against blue similar identical to the blue backdrop on my website.
  • Check out the fonts on #23. I like them better. Also need to see this against all white, using my crrent blue and gold
  • I also need to see it against a pure white background and the blue and gold found on the logo currently on the website.
  • I also need to see it against a pure white background and the blue and gold found on the logo currently on the website.
  • Try one like #23'f font or something similar.
  • Show me something more like #24 but using your font...Any other ideas?
  • #24 is looking good. Anyone with similar variations similar to #24?
  • Let me see your idea against a dark charcoal grey background, almost black. ALl White letters and one with white and gold letters mixed please
  • ch, included both background colors (white and a dark charcoal) so that you can see how it looks. i am showing an abstract laying down I and the letter M as in going up in gold or silver etc.
  • dear CH, about #22 I try to create a logo abtract. A symbol has shape like 4 pieces of metal such as GOLD | SILVER | PLATINUM | PALLADIUM. A circle is typical for international. Besides, it look like letter IM. I hope you like it. Thanks.
  • Hello everyone....Go to: I like their logo. Show me some different versions! My logo needs to say: INTERNATIONAL METALS BULLION TRADING & INVESTMENTS GOLD | SILVER | PLATINUM | PALLADIUM
  • ch, thanks for the feedback, i updated the font as requested. will look into other ideas aswell. thanks
  • Go for the original!!! No clip art swooshes! I also want the designer to incorporate the words: Gold Silver Platinum Palladium to the logo.....
  • I am looking for a different font. One font I like can be found on this logo:
  • Keep at it. Show me some more things you can do with the 'IM'