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Winning design #156 by soori0110, Logo Design for International student competition Contest
Gold Medal

designed by soori0110

Project description

1. Information about the brand
Business Hive is a brand owned by a non-profit student organization in Slovenia (Ljubljana).
Business Hive is an international business crowdsourcing competition, which gives foreign students as well as domestic students, a superb chance to take part in current, real-life business challenges that are provided by real companies with real problems.
We are also developing an online crowdsourcing platform that will take our "offline" events online.

2.Words that describe Business Hive
-Business, entrepreneurship, networking, brainstorming, crowdsourcing, international environment

3. Who are we targeting
We are targeting students with a desire to stand out, network and want to get a taste of what kind of problems companies are facing. Students that we are targeting can be from various study programs - IT, business, biology etc.
Also, we are targeting open, modern and innovative companies.

4. Colors
We have no limitations here. We just want our logo to turn out serious and modern. We don't want to discourage companies from not collaborating with use because our logo is to childish or it doesn't have that serious feel to it. But at the same time, we don't want our logo to be too serious for Students.

5. Goals of our new logo:
-We want our logo to be recognizable among companies and students
-It mustn't be in any way controversial
-It has to attract students, as well as companies
-It has to be usable for our online platform (it's in development) and on our offline events
-We will be using our logo on our website, Facebook, promotional material and online platform

6. Sum up
We want our logo to be attractive to young people (students) and companies. We also want that companies get a sense of seriousness from our logo, but at the same time we don't want it to be too serious or boring to young people - in our case students of age from 19 to 27. And when designing please note, that the logo will be used on our online platform and also on our offline events.

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  • Hi, i've made this logo.. and the concept behind the same is the given vertical hives with different colors represents people from different backgrounds... and it creates a big hive.. and the fonts i've choose is very simple so.. hope you'll appreciate this :) Thanks.
  • hi again, Here's a revision of my last design. I took out some hexagons to make the shape look different to a flower while still looking like honeycomb. #62 and here again is a revised version, I made the edges curved so the hive doesnt appear so boxy. Let me know if you'd like further changes. Thank you, Altair
  • In the logo I designed, the lines and circles symbolize connection and or brainstorming, with ideas branching off one another. Instead of altering the lettering in the hive I decided to take both letters out to remove confusion, hope you like it.
  • About #54 When developing the logo the blue represents a student sailing into their future. the trust in the organization and striding toward their goals.the lower portion of the logo is used to illustrate the student's legs and taking that next step up to making their dream come true by HIVE help,the orange circle is used to dilinate the student's head and sun having the hope for their future endeavors.
  • sorry for mistake at #50 :(
  • D4U
    Dear client, Have a look at entry number #46 and #51,Hope u like it.
  • Even better than #37 try making the "thinking" look less like RSS
  • An interesting way to representing the hive in a bit abstract way. The hive is too squarey though.
  • Thank you for this good idea. The hives though look to much like a flower. Try modifying them.
  • Symbols inside the hives do not represent us.
  • This one remind us of a social graph too much
  • Thanks for your designs. I like how you represented the formation of ideas but it is kind of too childish. Try again.
  • Thank you for your design. We don not see the attributes you described in this logo. It does not represent our brand. Try something else.
  • Thank you. The hive on the I can be seen as a torch. Try something else.
  • Thank you for the idea. The person figure is not as appealing. Try changing it or even replacing it with something else.
  • Thank you for another example. Someone meeting the brand for the first time would probably be confused. The hive might also be interpreted as a turban
  • Thank you for trying to improve. Instead of adding the details try removing them. The logo should be simple with not as many details
  • Thank you for your contribution, I don not understand how this symbol would represent our brand. Try going into another direction
  • Thank you for your revision. A nice touch with people inside hives. Try playing a bit with colours of the hives. Another idea: You gave one person in each hive this time, how about putting more people inside one hive as a mean of representing team work.
  • what about #27 #34 #35 ? i would like to know if you want any changes :) thanx