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Winning design #127 by Dinda, Logo Design for Internet Marketing Agency Contest
Gold Medal

designed by Dinda

Project description

A logo that is simple yet creative. Clean yet stands out. A brand that is classy and memorable. The logo should portray our image of a professional marketing agency that can help businesses generate leads and/or increase sales through our processes and ideas. Our company name signifies we can explode (burst) your business with leads. The company name is LeadBurst Marketing. The current website is which we will be keeping other than replacing with the new logo. Looking for a nice clean professional font. Perhaps a small "burst" or something within the logo. Two to three color is fine.

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  • Hello CH, here we are sending our proposal for your consideration #1 Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
    • |--|

      arsOrum wrote:
      Hello CH, here we are sending our proposal for your consideration #1 Please, kindly, let us know what you think and all about the related changes you would like to see. Thank you. Best regards.
      |--| Not a bad start. A bit too simple. Also, LeadBurst is one word with a capital "L" and "B". Thanks.

    • Hello CH, thank you for your feedback. We will work on some other proposals. Best regards.

  • Speaking to some team members, they like the logo but made a good point. The company name is LeadBurst where the only capital letters in the name are the "L" and the "B". Maybe see what you can do with that.
  • Definitely no red. Please look at the website ( to get an idea of our color scheme. The website will stay as is. We are just looking to rebrand.
  • This is good. I think we're getting somewhere. Something still does not look complete. Not sure if the font in LeadBurst is too thick. Maybe if "Lead" was a little thinner font and "Burst" stays the same. Not sure. It is good though. It just needs something.
  • I like that your logos are very clean. This one is going in the right direction. Don't like the font for the word LeadBurst. Also, see if you can make the orange colors more of a dark gold to match the website (
  • Not what we're looking for and "Marketing" is spelled wrong.
  • Not what we're looking for.
  • Hello CH, here we send you other proposals based on the previous design #17 #18 #19 We wanted to mantain the global aesthetic clean and compact so to be functional also in small scale using just a single solid color. Any suggestions, please, let us know. Thank you. Best regards.
  • This looks like it would be more suitable for a bank or financial business. I am going to revise the details with some link examples to see if that helps. Please reference the details for this contest for additional insight.
    • ok thanks for the feedback. I could try something a bit more simple.

  • Would like feedback on design #9 when possible. thanks
  • Full company name is LeadBurst Marketing. I like the creativity with the "burst" at the end but for some reason it's not working for us.
  • This is not a bad start. It's a little too simple. I do like the two colors and that you used the full company name in the logo which is LeadBurst Marketing.
  • Do you have any other ideas? We like your clean designs but we have been focusing on just one concept. Maybe a few new concepts would make sense to review.
  • A few things. Can you make the word "Burst" more gold color (not orange) to match the website ( and also make the circular lines to the right of the word "Burst" gold instead of black? Can you add short lines to the left and right of the word "Marketing" like you did in logo #134?
  • Hi CH, Many thanks for your positive feedback about design #134. I upload two designs with black lines as you asked. Please, check #174 and #175. The lines a little bit different that you can see on design #123 because the stripe was Dinda's idea. Best Regards, pb16
  • If you can see the other designs, we like #134 (the font and style) with the "lines" from logo #127. I know these are not your logos but you have attempted quite a few for us. If you can do something like that, it may work.
  • Good day Ch, Kindly check my design #148 hope you like it...thank you.
  • Can you do this using the font from logo #134?
  • Lets try this one with the lines from logo #123 in black to the right of the "t".
  • Please view the website ( for colors. Also, can you try a different font for this one?
    • Thank you for your feedback CH, please take a look #123 and #124. Hope you like. Thanks