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Winning design #353 by RubanRenato, Logo Design for Internet Marketing Firm 'TheSearchTeam' Needs Logo Design Contest
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designed by RubanRenato

Project description

We'd like a logo that has an icon (potentially abstract or integrated into the logo) and that integrates our name "TheSearchTeam". It may also integrate a sub-text line of "A RandomWalk Company" somewhere hidden in the overall design, or integrate our RW icon hidden in the design. The color scheme is open at this time, but integrating with some blues and greys may be beneficial (see logo of

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  • No backgrounds unless requested by the contesthlder
  • cad
    Dear CH, Sory for #44 is wrong tipe of "the randomwalk company"... I have revised to the #48...
  • colored background is not allowed unless requested by contest holder!
  • colored background is not allowed unless requested by contest holder!
  • Sorry! I was so much time focused on the logo design that the text was missing a letter in the "search". Would you like fall, I'm putting in the corrected air. Hope you enjoy!
  • Not bad, I don't see much meaning behind the triangle, and I was thinking of something with a bit more complex meaning and thought.
  • I don't quite get the meaning of the icon, and don't see much integration or abstract.
  • Really?
  • I like the play on our RW logo but with an S, but the icon and the text of the logo still look a bit last gen.
  • Too flat and not feeling the magnifying glass
  • Not modern or clean
  • About #119 As requested, I am forwarding my drawing, with colored writing less abrupt! I hope you enjoy!
  • I like the icon coloring and effects! On the font, could we make the gradient transition less abrupt?
  • About #113 Hello! This version I just added some "wrinkles" in the logo, making it a little more modern, improving the architecture design. The text I went to just one line, leaving the colors with a softer mix. Hope you enjoy! I am available for possible changes. Hug!
  • About #112 Hello! As required, I changed the font used and made ​​some minor corrections in the logo design to get it look more 3-D. I hope you enjoy, I am available for possible changes. A hug!
  • I don't like the gradient break on the text, and I don't want to call attention to the "A RandomWalk Company"
  • Typo.
  • Although our team is good, portraying us as SuperHeroes may be too much from a branding perspective. The colors also don't seem to mesh.
  • Not feeling the binoculars.
  • I do not understand, there are no differences in the logo(s) at all, Exact Same logo(s), just on different backgrounds.