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Winning design #88 by dreamerme, Logo Design for Investment & Management group Contest
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designed by dreamerme

Project description

Require a logo, colour scheme and corporate profile for investment and business management group called "Jadefoil Investments" Slogan for the business is "Only Results Matter" Group will specialize in small to medium enterprise -Venture Capital -Consultancy -Management Unconstrained by borders, business types or market sectors the group already has a very diverse portfolio across the mining and resource sector, industrial tooling, sourcing/supply and workwear and is now looking for a solid corporate profile to take it to the next level. We would like to incorporate an infinity sign as part of the design. Please see what you are able to create. COLOURS= Please no Green, Orange or Yellow.

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  • CH, Would appreciate some feedback on entries #22, #27, #29, #30 and #31. Thanks, dlbonanno64
    • |--|

      dlbonanno64 wrote:
      CH, Would appreciate some feedback on entries #22, #27, #29, #30 and #31. Thanks, dlbonanno64
      |--| Hi I am sorry but these do not really tie in with what we offer and how we want our brand to be perceived. Thank you very much for your hard work though.

  • Hi Are you able to try and incorporate the infinity sign with the other logo you have designed? We are impressed with #8 and its colour scheme….
  • Hi Are you able to change the image, remove the plant looking item and try and create one using the infinity sign please.
  • Joel, Read the brief and stayed way from green, orange and yellow. Let me know what you think about #26. Comments welcome. Thank you.
  • I HAVE SLIGHTLY MODIFIED THE BRIEF AGAIN. Please review before continuing
  • These colours do not look modern or professional sorry.
  • I like the layout and colour of the #8 but I do not like the symbol as per previous message.
  • Hi, I am liking this one more everytime I look at it. Can you try some other symbols and a variant with our slogan underneath the main word. Cheers!
    • good evening CH... i submitted my revised design for my entry.... thank you..

  • same goes.
  • Sorry these look boring and old fashioned, there is nothing stylish or modern about them.
  • Thanks for the entry, this is unique but not what I am looking for.
  • Hi again Dinda, This one is just too plain sorry.
  • Hello, Joel! I added #5. What do you think about growth diagram usage?
    • Hi, I dont mind this one as it is original. Not sure of the colour scheme though. I have purposely not defined colours as I am open to anything.

  • very standard design that can be pulled from anywhere, not a great deal of creativity sorry.
  • too plain looking sorry.
  • Different and Quirky, not a bad effort. Just no real bang.
  • Hello Joel) I've submitted #4, how do you like this 3D cubes? Thank you. Elen
  • Any suggestion to my logo entry #1 Best Regards. Thanks
  • Hi Are you able to apply the same to #37 as I have asked for you to do to #35. I am just trying to establish what reads best and what looks best. Thank you
    • Dear CH, Thanks for the feedback. Submitted #54, #55, #56 and #57 with the tagline changes as per your requests. #58 and #59 are two other variation samples. Regards, sanjeeb

  • Hi Are you able to change the image? It looks like an angry face when you focus on it too much. I like the colour scheme and the font used but could you please try and rework the infinity sign please