Investment Firm Needs Classic, Timeless Design

We had a fantastic experience running our logo contest with The interface is very easy to use, the designers are extremely talented and we ended up with a logo we love that can be used right away. I would definitely use it for other projects.

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Winning design #64 by cobalt, Logo Design for Investment Firm Needs Classic, Timeless Design Contest
Gold Medal

designed by cobalt

Project description

This project is for our main corporate logo. The graphic should communicate a company that is trustworthy, credible, and dependable with longevity.

Style & Concept Guidelines

Type: UPDATED 01/19: We are looking for a wordmark style logo. Please submit entries without an additional graphic for consideration.

Design: The design should be simple, clean, classic, and traditional. Helpful adjectives include masculine, subdued, serious, elegant, neutral and mature. We prefer designs that appear matte, and not "shiny".

Colors: We prefer navy blue to be the dominant color. We are also open to using brown or another neutral instead. Accent colors should be limited and more subdued. They do not have to be the same shade of either of the color samples below.

Target Audience: Our targeted audience is sophisticated, entrepreneurial, wealthy, and possibly retired.

Designers, we are looking forward to seeing your best work and will be providing feedback throughout the contest. Thank you for your interest!

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  • thanks for your feedback, here's my revision of #7 with a more sophisticated font. I've also tried to change colors, this is a blue/grey version.
  • Hi Designers, thank you very much for your submissions so far! We have just decided to eliminate pictures, so if you would like to submit a design without an additional graphic that would be great. I am updating the brief now.
  • Hello, I like the style but would definitely prefer it in a navy. I think we have just decided to nix the pictoral marks, so without the picture as well. Thank you for your submission.
  • I have another copy of this logo in blue, but first i wanted to see what you think of it first before i submit any more entries. thank you
  • Hello, we would like to see this one with the "T" the same size or case as 'alien' please. Really like the direction this is going.
  • Hi, we would like to see this one without the picture mark please. Like this one.
  • Hi, we would like to see this one without the picture mark please. Really like this one.
  • We would like to see this one without the picture mark please
  • Could we see this with the S more prominent, perhaps not in brown? Thank you!
  • We would like to see this in a different font, maybe something more sophisticated? Really like the direction this graphic is going.
  • We would really like to see this enlarged without the picture mark please. Thank you!
  • We like this font, could you try adding a line on top of and below investments, and change the investments color to brown?
  • Background is not allowed. Please, check our guidelines.
  • One design/one version only in an entry
  • Here my Design logo option. The proposal was to make a symbol to form the letter "S" and that was based on a dollar sign "$" stylized.
  • Hi Chris, I like the concept here but would like to see a font style that is more traditional. I would also like to see it in just a blue, or brown. Thank you for your submission!
  • Dear CH My Entry #81 is a Revision of Entry #80, Thank You Regards
  • Dear CH About #53, already revised "investments" running underneath all the way to the 't' as your request.
  • Thank you so much for submitting your revision. We would like to see this in colors more similar to the 1st version you submitted, in a font that feels more masculine. Thank you!
  • Hi, we like the idea of spicing up 'salient' a little bit like you did with the letter 'n' but are not sure this logo works for us. Would you please try another logo along the same lines? Thank you!