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Winning design #96 by adion, Logo Design for Inviscid Consulting Contest
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designed by adion

Project description

We are re-launching a consulting firm called Inviscid Consulting. Our old logo is shown below, but we'd like to refresh our brand with a new logo when we re-launch. The old logo is provided here only in case you are interested in seeing it. The new logo does not have to look similar to the old one. Our firm provides professional industrial engineering services to improve warehousing, distribution, and logistics operations. We help our clients reduce costs, simplify complex processes, become more "lean," and improve customer service as they move their products through their supply chains. In other words, we are "efficiency experts" in warehousing, distribution, and logistics. The word "Inviscid" basically means "flowing freely, without friction, obstruction, or delay." We chose this name because we help businesses streamline their operations so that their supply chains are efficient, and their goods flow freely, with minimal cost and maximum service levels. We want the logo to be conservative, yet creative and unique. It should project the following attributes about our firm: * Professionalism * Pragmatism/Practicality * Efficiency * Cost-effectiveness * Business acumen * Integrity * Common sense solutions The colors in the old logo were "old gold" (R:204/G:204/B:102) and navy (R:11/G:32/B:59), plus black. We selected similar colors from the choices below, but we are flexible. The colors should be conservative, though -- not loud. We are also flexible on the font for the company name. It should be bold but conservative. The logo should work with or without a tagline. The current tagline, "Engineering for Streamlined Distribution" will probably be simplified (perhaps to "Streamlined Distribution", or something similar). The logo should look good on paper (business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc.), in on the screen (website, email signatures, etc.), in PowerPoint slides, and on monogrammed items (shirts, leather notebooks, etc.). We will need to receive the logo in various formats: * Various file types (vectored, .JPG, .PNG, .AI, .EPS, .PDF, .TIF) * White background * Black background * Transparent background Please contact me if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for your interest. ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: A design that incorporates the letter "I" (for Inviscid) is fine. We don't want to emphasize the letter "C" however. We often say that we "enhance the performance of people, inventory, facilities, equipment, material handling systems, and supply chain information technology." So as you're thinking of an image, you might want to think of this as a theme. Remember, "Inviscid" means "free flowing, without friction." The firm's mission is basically to help clients STREAMLINE their operations so their goods flow freely through their supply chains. Perhaps that will bring up imagery that might help develop our new logo.

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  • Hey Steve! I would appreciate if you give me feedback on #60 & #62 My fav is #60. We can create an awesome identify with that logo for you.
  • I don't want to emphasize the "C". In fact, no "C" at all in the logo is preferred. The style is nice, though.
    • GJR

      Thanks for your feedback. I've submitted #57 which is in the same style. I've kept it clean to convey your values from your brief (simplify, streamline, Efficiency, Pragmatism). I hope you like it. Thanks.

  • Hi CH, How is this #39 ...... It's included 1.Face 2.I 3.Flowing ..... Thank you.
  • Somehow the dot and the arc don't seem to work for us here. The earlier version was better.
    • Thanks for the opinion sir. I'll follow your comments for any other applicable ideas. Thanks for your time.

  • I like the style, but if the arch is supposed to represent the top of a "C", I'd like to avoid that. See my recent comment on this contest for additional thoughts.
    • Thanks for liking the design style. As you are not liking "c" to impose in the design..i've tried some thing like an abstract figure emerging itself. It will be great to have a feedback from you. Thanks a lot.

  • I prefer not to use the name itself as the centerpiece of the logo. I'd like an image of some sort as the main theme.
  • Circles, swirls, and arrows are a bit trite.
  • The style is OK, but I'm struggling to understand the symbolism of the graphic. Also, the colors are a bit loud for us.
  • I like the general style, but this looks really familiar, as if I've seen this logo before somewhere.
  • I like the general style, but this looks really familiar, as if I've seen this logo before somewhere.
  • This overplays the name. I'd prefer more of an abstract image than the name itself for the logo.
  • I think circles and swirls are a bit common, at least in our field.
  • I like the style, and I see the "IC" in the image. However, I'd like to avoid putting the "C" into the image, if possible. See my recent comments for some additional ideas.
  • I like the style, but something about it seems to common. The 6 sides make it look like a nut (for a bolt), but we don't do mechanical engineering. Our focus is on people, systems, etc. See the write-up and my recent comment.
  • I don't want to emphasize the "C" and would actually prefer not to include it in the image at all. Incorporating the "I" might work, and the style is nice.
  • The white part on the right side of the "I" doesn't seem to work or make sense, but the style is nice.
  • This is fairly common-looking. The "I" concept is OK, but I wonder if an abstract image incorporating the "I" might be better than just the "I" itself.
  • I don't want to emphasize the "C". In fact, no "C" at all in the logo is preferred. Also, I don't think the arrow works with the rest of the image.
  • I don't want to emphasize the "C". In fact, no "C" at all in the logo is preferred. Also, swirls like this are a bit trite.
  • I don't want to emphasize the "C". In fact, no "C" at all in the logo is preferred.