IQ Group Holdings

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Winning design #153 by 361Artworks, Logo Design for IQ Group Holdings Contest
Gold Medal

designed by 361Artworks

Project description

The group is an based around an business Incubator Hub (IQ Hub), with separate advisory divisions (farm IQ, trade IQ, travel IQ, wealth IQ plus others) and a separate private equity fund raising company (capital IQ). 

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  • Sir, I hope you like this design. If you like please give any feedback. Thanks. #397
  • I hope you like this design. Feedback please. :) #367
  • This logo I made with gold color because gold describes the glory like the company you have
    With letters Q and I in alignment with the surrounding circle
    In the form of a key that describes your success is the key you hold
    Also with a point on the letter I which is deliberately made large that describes the on-off or power button if in view this whole indicates the life of the company's success
    On the bottom logo looks different because it is a branch company
    Hopefully with this there are benefits
    thank you #330
  • The IQ emphasized in a integrated space. #329
  • Please check this submission, thanks. #315
  • you like this?? #312
  • how about this design?feedback please. thanks #307
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  • My proposal design
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