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Winning design #313 by sancita, Logo Design for Contest
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designed by sancita

Project description

Our company provides technical support (hardware and software) mainly in Apple Macintosh users, repair iDevices (iphone, iPad etc) and also creates webpages. I want the logo to remind customers of the apple company (but not necessarily resemble the apple logo) I want something that stands out. Something creative not just a set of font and a ready icon. Amaze me ;-) Colors I like so far in the designs are mostly gray (silver) and light blue and a little less orange. Check logos I like here: Things not to do: Do not combine I and R letters to create an icon/illustration. Do not use wrenches as icons. They are NEVER used in computer repairs. Do not use the cross as icon. Do not use the red color.

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  • About #70 and #66. I liked your designs! Sorry they were disqualified by the administrator for violating trademarks. I would like to see some more designs!
  • Dear George, Thanks for your comments on #1 design. Now i made one more for it may you will like #78. I did not try for "apple" feel but had designed it for irescue feel not used i or r anywhere in this just try to show the connectivity, support and 3d depth in iconic style. kindly give your notes if you like or not. thanks kandarpraj
  • About #75 Hello, This emblem to give you the feel of speed "ex. Fast support" Regards, -Amr
  • Designers you are not allowed to use/alter the apple icon/logo in any way
  • you are not allowed to use the apple icon/logo to create your logo in this contest
  • Greeting George, I was wondering did you see my entry #16 it's a hardware emblem with apple feels.
  • thank you george i'm very glad that you like it! will do my best! Regards,
  • jpbituin I like your creativity and many designs. Leave the wrench, keep your colors without green, give me some more designs with the iphone key. Nice idea
  • Arthouros I like your work. I would definitely like to see some more! Maybe get the iRescue out of the apple as the whole thing should be very large for someone to read it.
  • Dear Contest holder, please make it a blind contest to enhance creativity and productivity, thank you.
  • Hi george1, And yet you put ratings on those with wrench in their design, is gives confusions on the other designers I think? I'd rather suggest to directly eliminate those with wrenches then?
  • I do not want the use of the wrench. I updated my brief on that.
  • Seems professional like all of your 4 designs! I like the colors and the font but I do not like the use of the wrench. I updated my brief for this
  • Dear People, stop using wrenches in your designs. I may bring to mind repairs, but they are actually never used in computer repairs!
  • #32 is much better. #31 and #33 are disqualified
  • I wouldn't like the use of i in a circle for an icon / illustration. Sorry I didn't respond earlier and let you create 4 logos :-(
  • About #14 I do not like the grey square around the i. I would like to see the icon/illustration to get the whole picture.
  • About #16 Greeting George, Appreciated your feedback, I have made something represent the "Support" and "Hardware" with the apple concept. Regards,
  • Dear Contest Holder, in my logo design #9 I used the color red to symbolize "rescue." The white cross acts as a symbol for rescue and looks to have a relation to the apple company.
  • Hello, I have entered #14 for you to look at. I was thinking about having another element in the black part of the circle but I wanted to see if you like the overall design first before I work on that part. Thank you for your time.