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Winning design #44 by Tanya1729, Logo Design for Iron and Chalk onilne and retail location fitness Contest
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designed by Tanya1729

Project description

Looking for a logo that can be used for signage for a store front as well as online. A logo that is clean and simple so that it can be used for co-branding along with many other marketing uses. Iron and Chalk is the name of the store. Iron represents pull up bars, barbells, hard work, forging elite fitness, physical movement. Chalk represents gymnastics, sweat, grip, bodyweight movements, etc. The online and retail shop will sell all things fitness related, from apparel, shoes, equipment, mainly focus towards the garage gym, bootcamp, crossfit, trx, yoga, running, etc. people. This store is not geared towards bodybuilders and globo gym members. Don't make the logo to obvious too: barbells, biceps, kettle bells, etc. We want a logo that builds interest for the enduser to click and learn more.

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  • About: #27, #28 Hello Robert11, I have made one design for you but with two different sayings below them. I hope you like them! Also if you want anything changed just let me know. Feedback Is Appreciated! Thanks, Squewheet
  • Hi CH, Let me know what you think about #5, #7, #8, #10, #11? Thanks, Ashley
    • A little to basic/Simple, and we are not liking the hand. We don't need the image to be too obvious "barbells", lifting, etc. We want the name to entice a click through or for someone to want to learn more

  • looks more like a corporate entity selling fitness equipment then a store front sign or brand.
  • like the basic outline, but beef it up a little, looks "thin" and may not read on some prints"
  • The colors are a little "Light". Think of demo graphics being people who do mud runs, and get dirty and sweat. This to me feels a little too boutique and feminine
    • Good appointment! I will apply some changes on this idea and send a new one. Thanks for the comment.

  • HI CH! can have a comment on my designs #3 and #6. thank you!
  • The & sign is a little thin compared to the I and C and we would have printing issue's on clothing.
  • Thanks for your feedback. Here is #37 and #38, slight variations. Kept same sort of colours for now but can go brighter, just think these colours will work on faded work out tees. Let me know if you have any ideas you would like me to try. Cheers, Liz
    • We'd love to see some simple logo's too (maybe using I and C). Something we can put on a t-shirt tag or screen print on a hat. Something we can use to co-brand that won't take up too much room. Try also placing this logo a at the end of a barbell cap (think circle). I've uploaded a sample of a direction we might go in today to our brief.

  • I think this is a great start, but can you do a few other variations, not just color ways.
  • I think this is a great start, but can you do a few other variations, not just color ways.
  • Hi CH What you think abour #33 I hope you like! Also if you want anything changed just let me know. Feedback Is Appreciated! Ty
    • It looks very similar to the instagram logo and it's a little too busy

  • Hi Robert, Thanks for your feedback. Here are some new entries based on your revised brief... #61 #62 #63 and #64. Let me know if you like any of them. I can chop and change them about, change colours etc. Cheers, Liz
    • Liz, 61,62,63 look a little to cartoon/bubbly for retail location supplying goods and services. I like the concepts, but can you make them a little more aggressive.

    • Thanks again for your feedback Robert, here is entry #71 for your review. I hope this is a little more agressive for you. Kind regards, Liz

  • Hi - I wanted to see if you have any feedbacks about #67. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, I have submitted #54 and would like your input on it with a suggestions you might have. I think this would be great for branding. Color is not concrete. Any recommendations would be great. thanks JM
    • Great start but there is no contrast between Iron and Chalk, so do something that shoes contrast

  • Just upload #53. Feel free to share your feedback. Thanks.
    • too plain, looks more like a bumper sticker then a company logo

  • Hello! Today I made versions that were inspired by the image in your brief, I submitted #56 #57 #58 please let me know your thoughts moving forward if there is anything you would like me to adjust in order to perfect these for your company. I hope you like them! Thank you!
  • A Good start, what else can you come up with for Iron and Chalk