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Winning design #351 by cobalt, Logo Design for islamic spiritual/wellness center and counseling Contest
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designed by cobalt

Project description

Khalil Center is a community based mental/spiritual wellness center devoted to providing culturally/spiritually congruent and competent care within the Chicagoland area. It works to strengthen individual abilities within the context of their communities. Khalil Center recognizes the innate tendency for human growth and wishes to help maximize that potential. The primary objective is to empower individuals and communities through research, counseling, and education. the script for the logo should be "Khalil Center" above the script will be the logo consider concepts that denote guidance and healing. See uploaded artwork for arabic latern type concept. original artwork only please.

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  • hafnas, please see uploaded art samples
    • Thanks for your guideline. I'll try and upload new one soon

  • missed. please see uploaded art samples.
  • ammar, please see uploaded artwork. consider a integrating your artwork/color into a knot design.
  • please see uploaded art samples.
  • Artists, we are uploading some sample artwork. One concept that may be used is solomon's knot which is a traditional symbol of wisdom. we are upload various examples... we are looking for an original work based on this concept. The text Khalil Center is separate and underneath the knot. Feel free to post any questions.
  • Hello sir , I hope I'm going in the right direction , any thoughts about latest entries ?
    • I do not see any of your recent submissions.

  • salaams ammar. thanks for this contribution. Your design work is unique, however, we will likely go with a logo that is separate from the text. You might want to take the concept and perhaps transition to this layout.
  • i appreciate the effort. looking more for soemthing with an islamic identity
  • artists - thank you for the submissions. Islamic artwork/design is an essential component of the logo design.
  • thanks hoopla. this isn't what we are looking for. we welcome further submissions.
  • can you please show us variations of the knot. Please look at the commonly used logo's knots that are out there and try and make it stand out a bit. You might also accomplish this by working with the colors/contrast etc.
  • Here are some words that I think of when I think Khalil Center so that the designer has some guidelines. -spirituality -connection -heart -help -support -community -personal meaning -pursuit of the Divine -journey -pathway -healing -brotherhood-sisterhood
  • this is a cute concept. will have to discuss further with the team. thank you for your effort hoopla. we will be in touch shortly with further feedback.
  • SALEM, I hope you like my design! cordially bedesign
  • thanks for this entry. will get back shortly
  • this is a good concept. you will have to however develop the artwork above khalil further. the current version looks too much like a snowflake. I appreciate this effort.
    • salam.. Thanks for your mention. I thought that type of artworks gives a relaxing/peaceful vision. However i've added 2 more designs. Looking forward for your comments.

    • wa alaykum as salaam

  • shukran missed202. I see you are from egypt. anything you can do to incorporate islamic art, caligraphy or the script for khalil will be welcomed.
    • You are welcome, I appreciate your quick rate an I will do my best.

  • this is too contemporary and tech ccboy. I welcome further submissions.
  • hafnas. thank you for this submission. will be in touch shortly for feedback.
    • Thanks for your quick reply and rating..........!!

  • thank you for this submission missed202. I appreciate the work you've put into it. we will touch base shortly with feedback