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This will be a website selling high end Islamic Wall Art. Some items will include vinyl calligraphy, 3d canvas art, and jewelry. This site needs to have a very high end look and feel just like an art gallery. To get an idea of what type of art we would be selling, visit google, search for Islamic wall art and look at the images section.

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  • I don't like the font... looking for something more elegant. The image is also very complicated. Want something simple but very elegant looking.
    • OK, it was just a first concept to test your taste. Here's a newly arranged proposal: #14, for something modern, descriptive and elegant. Let me know if you like this better for any modifications.

  • As-salamu alaykum. Just to be clear, do you need a logo design (text & image / text only) or a website design?
    • Wasalaam. We are looking for a logo design. The website will be Thanks

    • OK. Are there any color combinations you'd like to preview?

    • Nothing in particular. Just nothing too bold like a Red or Black. Looking for soft, soothing colors.

    • Very good; here's a draft concept with an elegant yet decorative solution; #1. 2 first color combinations are shown, in 2 main layouts. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.

  • Thank you for all the submissions. I've been deleting many of them because most designs have been too complicated. I don't like all the shades and gradients. A few have good potential so far. I especially like number #30 for its creativeness. Its in English but made to look like Arabic Calligraphy - very creative. I'm looking for simple and creative. I don't want all the fancy, intricate details. I look forward to seeing more designs. Remember, this is a guaranteed contest so someone will win! Thank you.
  • hi CH, I just submitting number #31 and #32 which are only different in colors. If you want me to revise something in this, please let me know thank you very much..
  • halloo... CH... Please check my entri #44 , Any feedback will be helpful. Thanks
  • This is a revised version of my second concept with a simpler icon and redesigned text: #39, with wide color combination possibilities. Let me know if you like this solution. Design #40 is yet another proposal with an elegant but decorative and descriptive layout, shown in sample colors. I'm ready for your feedback and requests.
  • I have submitted 2 designs, kindly checked them and please rate my designs.
  • Hi CH! I just submitted #59. There are several variations of the symbol and the typography available so don not hesitate to give feedback. Also the colors are absolutely up to you. I can show you any kind of applications too (business carda, stationery, web, etc.). Thank you!
  • Hi CH, Could you please check my entry #84 and let me know what do you think please Thank you
  • Hello CH, I just wanna ask if we are we allowed to use your handwritings like this one [ التصاميم الإسلامية ] ?
  • Hello everyone, again thanks for all the submissions. The contest is ending in two days and I have to pick a logo soon. I was thinking of maybe putting the words Islamic Design in the shape of a mosque - if that makes sense. Its hard to explain but I've seen it done before. The letters can be adjusted in such a way that they make a mosque shape. Just a though. Thanks again.
  • I kind of like where you're going with this logo. Think you can put an abstract dome on this design? Nothing too big.
  • your design is too close to another designers entry.
  • I like this one. Simple and creative.
  • Hi Sir, My proposal # 108, Please consider for evaluation
  • clipart is not allowed in logo contests. design: source:
  • Hi, CH! Logo #91; #92 include some symbols of mosque.