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Winning design #45 by krisdesign, Logo Design for Island Printing & Mail Solutions Contest
Gold Medal

designed by krisdesign

Project description

We are a local company here in Hawaii offering full service printing, copying, color copying, digital output, and graphics. We have recently added mailing solutions. We would it to be reflective of Hawaii, so people know we are a local company, but professional as well. I have attached our current logo for reference, but we are looking for something different. I did not select colors because we are open to what ever you designers come up with.

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  • Hello Dear ruben1! I'm very interested to work on you're project, may i know something! do you have any color choice? if not how many colors can be accepted?, Thank you.
    • We really do not have any preferences on color choices. We want to leave that open to the creativity of the designers. Thank you!

    • Thank you sir, i have been working on you're project, Thank you for you're kind response . :)

  • GJR
    Clipart is not allowed in Logo contests.
  • Hello Contest Holder, I have submitted #12 and #13 . It would be my pleasure if you give me feedback of review on them. Thank you very much.
    • Of the 2 I like 13 better. Thank you for your entries.

  • We like the islands and the font/layout of the logo. We don't like the colored circles but we would like to see some color in the design.
    • Hi Thanks for feedback. The circles were supposed to represent rolls of a commercial offset printer. I replaced those with CMY sheets of paper, which are more generic to printing (used in both digital and offset printing). Tell me what you think about #50. Thanks Andrei

  • Thank you so much for your feedback. I made #47 based on your comments. I think it shows more Hawaii and it has a more professional look. Thank you!
  • Hi, I have also Submitted entry #43, Please give me some rating/feedback on that design too so I can know which direction I should go. The concept on this one looks more Hawaiian but I can change the color and font if you want. Thanks
  • Like the flowers. Not too fond of brown. The printer icon is more of a reference to a printer connected to a PC. We do commercial printing so it is not really applicable. The font is rather thin and hard to notice especially with the chosen colors. Maybe darker bolder colors?
    • Thankyou for your feedback, I will submit an amended proof soon

  • Hi, I have submitted entry #41, please rate it and let me know if you like the concept or is it too minimal? I can change the colors and font or even add a tree to make it look more Hawaiian. Thanks
  • #34 #35 Can you give a feedback/rate for the designs? It's the only way we can improve and see how far we are from the best result :) thanks
    • On #34 I like the one on the right more that the one on the left but the graphic does not fit in. We are looking for a design that shows we are in Hawaii. #35 The image does not have a professional feel and the tree seems out of place. Thank you for your submissions!

  • Nothing really tying it to Hawaii and missing any reference to mail
  • Could you try some darker shades of blue?
  • Hello, ruben1! I have submitted #34 #35, and I would like your comment. Thank you!
  • This is one of the top choices so far. Could you maybe try some other fonts for the "Island". Thank you!
    • sure, I will make some designs for you, I dont know do you like caligraphic fonts?, but I am working on that. Thank you ruben1, krisdesign

  • hi CH, I uploaded design #62. Please feedback. Thank you
  • Could you try making the "& Mail Solutions" a little larger? Also maybe try different colors with the sun (gradient would be nice).
  • Could you try making the "& Mail Solutions" a little larger? Also maybe try different colors with the sun (gradient would be nice).
  • Would it be possible to make the Printing & Mailing a little larger? Thank you
  • We like the darker blue better. Thank you!
  • Printing & Mail Solutions gets a little lost. Could you make it bigger?
  • Could you please make the words "Printing & Mail Solutions" bend with the wave instead of being straight horizontal.