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Winning design #143 by ross, Logo Design for IT Company Logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • Completely New One
  • Here Is A New Version With Capital Letters And ALmost Black Color
  • About #38 Good Day Ch, This is my entry, I hope you like it... (^^,)
  • F overlapping circle and the cross point in green to signify solution. The DyFlex writing style has been kept similar to the QlikView. Hope you will like it. Thanks
  • I'd like to see the grayscale almost black and words as DyFlex (upper D and F)
  • looks like GE logo
  • About #17 and #18 Hi CH, Here is my design. A "D" and facing left "F". Hope you like it. Thank You.
  • Good start, would like to see the green and black merge. Also, the there should be an S on the end of solutions
  • can we try a putting an arrowhead on the X axis, the extended one. A subtle arrow.
  • can you use a slighlty thinner font. Also use upper case D and F as in DyFlex. Finally, I like to see the x (end of DyFlex) have and extended arm/axis top rigt extends up a bit.
  • can you change Blue colour to Green as in colour
  • Hi CH i have submitted a design #57 please check the design and give a feedback Thank You
  • about #114 This design has an inital stand symbol that can stand with or with out the full company name. If you would like to see any ohter version let me know. Thanks!
  • Please submit each variation of your design on a separate upload. You may only include a single design per entry.
  • hi I forgot the Solution in #97 #96 #95 i will change in future feedback required on these concepts Thanks Regards Muhammad Ali
  • Dear CH, Take a look at my work #93 #92 and please tell me whats wrong with it so i could fix it before you eliminate it. The main idea of these two designs was that DYFLEX helps to find solution and brightens dark problem clouds. I did my best trying to show it. (Sorry for my bad English). Aistis
  • yes CH, this is just like a watermark effect, you can get the seperate image as well,
  • On the screen there appears to be a slight watermark, is this correct or is it just the pixelation causing it. Also, if this logo wins I'd like to get the symbol as a seperate image as well. This will be used in continuation pages
  • #142 #143 here is the revise of #122 thank you CH for the feedback.
  • Hi there! What do You think about my propositions? Regards!