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Winning design #40 by Eriyanto, Logo Design for IT Company needs a new up-to-date logo Contest
Gold Medal


  • Dear CH, #16 and #17, clean simple modern font Good luck
  • I like where you're going, although it's not exactly there.. I do like the web 2.0 effects you have. Would like to see it a bit cleaner, sharper edges.. and maybe something a little more unique than those small triangles to the left.
  • Would like to see a bit more web 2.0 in this, kinda plain lacking details.
  • No offense, but it looks like it belongs back in 1999.
  • About #2: If your company has a certain slogan, let me know, it could be an advantage to the logo itself. Thank you.
  • Further down the road we will also be needing a site redesign, so please keep that in mind when creating the logo.
  • dear CH, about #23 and #24 ..... i gave the silhoutte of a running man since yours is a consulting firm and that with time man is advancing in this era... also with some technological feeling.The silhoutte also has a "L"(the head and bend legs) from light and "I"(the head and straight leg) for showing the online consulting which you do hope you like it.
  • Here the review of Logo 21. The symbol was very large in relation to typography, hindering the application into smaller pieces.
  • Thank you for your comments. I am pleased to read that #26 resonates with you. This logo and company name could easily be used on letterhead, either centered or at the top left with address specifics at the bottom or to the right margin. As for a business card, I see it as either two-sided (preferred) or single sided with the logo and company name to the left. Please let me know if you are start contests for these designs as well.
  • could we have the letters coming towards us? -- to create some sort of "speed of light" effect? rather then it gradually turning towards us? also, any kind of icon you could add?
  • This will have be be used on letterhead and business card, how could you adapt design to fit?
  • The colors look a little faded, would prefer web 2.0 shading, shiny .. see #19 and #30
  • too plain and reminds me of microsoft..
  • I like it.. could you mark up the rocket, LSN? and put it to the left?
  • It depends on what you mean by "liven it up". Should I add some more dramatic gradients? Or should I completely redo the emblem?
  • I like it.. how could we incorporate this to letterhead/business card?
  • Cool concept..
  • Up-to-date .. it doesnt seem like the flares flow nicely.. no blending on them..
  • Up-to-date .. it doesnt seem like the flares flow nicely.. no blending on them..
  • Too plain and simple.