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Winning design #242 by CKS, Logo Design for IT company needs a professional design Contest
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designed by CKS

Project description

I have thought about high lighting MindQ but it should still say "consulting" somewhere in the logo. I like M and Q to be upper case but I am open to other suggestions. It should be a clean and professional design but not too clean. If possible I like to have a illustration asweel in the logo. The logo should focus on the "Mind" theme to express that we keep our clients in mind.

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  • I like the idea with the Q, not sure about the colours though.
  • I like the logo, but can you integrate the name and illustration more. Do you have other options for the illustration?
  • one design/one version only in an entry unless requested by the contestholder
  • One design/one version only in an entry
  • can you change the font, I feel it is a bit "round". I would also like to see a version with Consulting right aligned to match the Q. Thanks
  • Dear CH, I create logo using idea that is human mind is labyrinth. I hope You like it.
  • I really like the colour! Can you experiment a little with the Q and not have so much space between the letters in "consulting"
  • And also... the contest is open for 4 more days so all new/updated designs are welcome:)
  • No backgrounds unless requested by the contest holder
  • To all, Thanks for all nice designs! I will consult with more people tomorrow, after that I can give an updated rating. So far I have rated according to my preferences and it can be good to know that we will consider all design with rate 50 and up. Thanks
  • #82 and #83. I like them both. Maybe if you have any other cool illustration to try with.
  • I like the design but I would like to see how it looks in other colours.
  • Dear CH,,, This is my revision #62 >> versions with colours #21 #63 >> versions with colours #29 Thanks :D
  • I like the structure of #30 with the illustration to the left but not the colours. The colours of #29 is better. So if you could have the structure as #30 but change the colours and maybe also the font type. Thanks
  • an honest mistake. its consulting. but it can be easily fixed. thanks! have a nice day!
  • I like the design, it looks professional. Can you make some versions with colours like #21 and #29?
  • Can you make one grey and green. I would also like to see a version with illustration and text inline.
  • Thanks for the feedback. I've changed the color and font as well. Your thoughts are welcome Jctoledo
  • Dear CH,,, This is my revision color. I hope you like. Thanks :D
  • I like it, can you make some combainations of this and #29. I like the colours of #29 better.