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Winning design #44 by jordachemr, Logo Design for IT Consulting Company looking for a logo. Contest
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designed by jordachemr

Project description

Looking for a company logo that will identify our company and it's employees, this logo will be used on websites, shirts, advertisements, letterhead, etc. It should be simple, modern and clean. We will consider both the entire company name spelled out and shortened to AtlanticNT, Inc.

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  • Hi. Im just checking out a different route. testing the waters so to speak. Maybe you will like it.
  • Dear CH, I was about to make something different, with a remarkable character. Hope you think it is unique. Thanks
  • I like the concept, I do think however the font or it's presentation can be improved.
  • I like this one as well, both of yours has possibilities.
  • I like it, it has potential,
  • I like the concept, but it's seems a bit rough and maybe too simple though.
  • Not liking the red or the graphic. Thank you.
  • Hi, I can abbreviate the name if you would like. Can do another color scheme than this one. Thank you
  • HI CH Simple, modern, and clean. Thanks ChazzieBoi
  • dear CH, i had submitted my 1st entry #65, i had tried to made it modern and elegant design. thank you.
  • please read the rules and guidelines. your entry is used in another contest as well. No backgrounds allowed, one design per entry only
  • About #93 Dear CH, Greetings. Thank you very much for your feedback on my entries. As per your suggestion for #67, I had moved the oval little up and uploaded the modified one #93. Hope you will like. Thanks :)
  • The decorative identity marker in front of the type doubles as both abstract wifi- and eye icon, to communicate the concept of people working with online technology. Slight 3D effect to mirror that of the Windows icon, as that you mainly work with Microsoft based business solutions. Type is otherwise kept very minimal and clean. Hope you like it.
  • Maybe move the oval up a bit to make the "A"S look moe "a"ish?
  • I would like to see it in some other colors. Thanks
  • Not the driods you are looking for.
  • And a complete blue set if you don't mind. I'll close out the contest after that so you can get paid. Thanks again!
  • Would it be possible to make an additional #145 with the same effects as #155? That would complete the set for us. thanks.
  • Thanks alot, I will be having a couple associates give me input on color etc and I should be able to close later today early tomorrow. Thanks again!
  • Done! I have uploaded you the requested files, ready for web & ready for print! I'm waiting for you to review them and close the contest. :) Have nice day and enjoy your new logo!