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Winning design #481 by GAKA, Logo Design for ITAD Contest
Gold Medal

designed by GAKA

Project description

PLEASE use your own creative artistic abilities to create a logo/mascot for my recycling company. I'd like your entries to be ORGANIC, meaning directly from your own creative library. Also ORGANIC meaning I'd like it to involve feature that come from the earth. 

PLEASE please use your own imagination and do not copy other users work. 

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  • The Logo is made by combinig the letters I-T-A-D with electronics and recycling simbols. The smallest ones differ from each other in the head shape and the last one on the right has some more details. The one in the middle differs fron the others in the font. #485
  • The Logo is a combination of the letters I-T-A-D plus electronics, nature and recycling simbols. The tree logo mascots differ from each other in the arms. #484
  • thanks sir,
    for the feedback that has been given ...
    regards #481
  • About #465, @jecdecoration ok thanks
  • Again, please remove the "electronics" and balance the logo with that subtraction
  • I like this one the most. But it will need to be improved to be considered #465
  • About #448, @tadamsav, What I have envisioned is a protector/hero icon of ITAD. Using your requested color scheme, I designed a nondescript face, rising above a futuristic planetary glow. The masked eyes, and lack of a mouth personify the anonymity of Data Disposal; the mosaic is meant to represent the rebuilding and creation of something new, from the recycled materials.
  • Please check #461, hope you like it
  • Do you have any ideas/ alternatives for the oval that surrounds the emblem? #457
  • please remove "electronics" and play with the font/setup of the text #446
  • Interesting concept. What am I looking at? #448
  • Interesting concept. What am I looking at? #449
  • I really like this. The right side doesn't quite fit with the left. Can you make it more balanced? #452
  • Please check #456
    Thank You.
  • Hope you like my design? #450
  • ITAD-mascot head depicted in the reflection of the continents, with leafy greens flowing from below the ITAD name. #449
  • A mosaic, futuristic themed, ITAD mascot face. Just as a new and wonderful image is created with the recycling of tiles, so too will the recycled items of ITAD become a new and brilliant creation. #448
  • i hope you like it, thank you #447
  • About #434, @tadamsav . thank you ch :) sure i will do that.
  • I like it, but it will need to be expanded on to be considered. Good luck! #432