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Create a logo for my electronics recycling company. Would love to find a "mascot" or "character" to brand to. In order to win this you'll need to come up with something unique and creative that is on the border of professional and entertaining. 

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  • dear sir,
    I uploaded some works on your contest.
    kindly check them.
    It will be my pleasure to work for you.
    With Regards #346
  • I hope you like my designs, please feedback, I am ready to revise .... greeting me .. #329
  • I put my brain inside the trees. Thanks. #323
  • please post a logo that is JUST the character. #283
  • Please use the color scheme of #283 with this logo. #284
  • the head just doesn't match the rest of the design. #288
  • ? #317
  • Please check it & give me feedback. If you need any kind of change, please knock me without confusion. #312
  • please check my design
  • please check my design #308
  • I like this concept, please expand on it and see where it goes. #203
  • Hello sir,
    Please check. #306
  • Hello sir,
    Please check. #305
  • Hello sir,
    As per your comment i update some elements .Please check. #304
  • Hello sir,
    As per your comment i update some elements .Please check. #303
  • . #299
  • My proposal design
    number 2 #293
  • My proposal design
    number 1 #291
  • Dear Contest Holder,
    Could you please rate my designs?
    Your feedback is so important.
    Thank you #279
  • the arms dont jive with the rest of the character. Keep going! #272