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Project description

PLEASE use your own creative artistic abilities to create a logo/mascot for my recycling company. I'd like your entries to be ORGANIC, meaning directly from your own creative library. Also ORGANIC meaning I'd like it to involve feature that come from the earth. 

PLEASE please use your own imagination and do not copy other users work. 

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  • About #377, @juzthuda thanks for the feedback. I will try to extend the concept again.
  • Make a design...please feedback...thanks #399
  • more please. something other then just green
  • I was ditching the circle and change the color. Perhaps this is what you like?
    Just tell me if anything else to changes or improvements.
    Thanks for your attention and chances. #395
  • Something organic like tree? Leaves? Or combinations between organics and electronics icon sir? #394
    • @the_toothfairy I'm trusting in your creative concepts and ideas to find something I like. Please modify this entry by changing the colors and ditching the circle shape. Get creative and don't be afraid to expand.

    • @tadamsav I'll do my best. Thanks for your attention. I'm working on it.

  • please expand on this concept. I'm interested in an "organic look". thanks! #93
  • I don't undestand that the emblem is meant to be. Please creatively expand on this concept. #385
  • this concept will have to be creatively expanded to be considered. thanks #377
  • I like this concept. Please expand on this creatively. #383
  • About #384, @natedesky I like this concept. Please expand on it in a creative unique way. Please remove the "electronics" piece as we recycle more then just electronics
  • please check my design #388
  • Hello sir, I offer a logo / mascot for your company. hope you like it. thank you #387
  • Hei sir, its me again.
    I was made new concepts logo for your company.
    I put icon the "electric recycle machine" and the middle like letter "i". When the electronics trough the whole it can be recycle and to be reduce, re use for better future.
    Thanks for your attention. #385
  • tyo
    . #379
  • tyo
    . #378
  • do you like my design? #377
  • Hello sir,
    Please check my design.
    And if anything else you need. Let me know.
    Thanks for your attention. #373
  • please read the brief throughly #369
  • HI, herewith I submit my design. The arrow tips represent the recycling your business do.
    Please advise should there be any revision.
    I hope this meet your requirement.
    Thank you. #371
  • dear sir,
    I uploaded some works on your contest.
    kindly check them.
    It will be my pleasure to work for you.
    With Regards #346