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Create a logo for my electronics recycling company. Would love to find a "mascot" or "character" to brand to. 

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  • please check #221
  • Here I made your character using letters "ITAD"
    color #10ff64 #216
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    here is my work, if you have any questions
    don't hesitate to ask.

    Cheers! #214
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    Please check rendering version of logo.
  • Please check my work with new update.
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    Please check my work and feedback.
  • I hope you like this my other design #198
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    i hope you interesting about my artwork,thank you. #197
  • Hi, this is my proposal, I hope you like and I hope to receive a positive evaluation, I await your comments, thanks #196
  • Hi, feedback please #175
  • Do you like this icon for ITAD? #174
  • Just mascot concept if you like it please leave good stars otherwise i will not continue... #173
  • i hope you like this design and please give me rating or feedback, thanks CH #159
  • Logotype:
    ITAD is an electronic recycling company.
    The green color of ITAD, symbolizing ITAD's awareness of the environment
    The black color on ITAD, symbolizes the processing of electronic goods
    Purple color under ITAD, symbolizes the recycling process with the arrow symbols
    A picture of an origami bird, symbolizing an electronic item after being recycled into a useful item for life
    The color in the logo, representing all the components and goals of the company in achieving success together #158
  • How about this? #153
  • Dear contest holer @tadamsav , please let me know if you would like to see revisions in any certain way! Thank you! #152
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  • sir ceck my entry #145
  • This is it. I wish you agree with my concepts sir. Thanks for your chance. #143