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It was our first experience with Design Contest, we found it very easy to use and we're very happy with the result. The designer we awarded with the gold medal was very quick and helpful. We surely will use again this service.

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Winning design #140 by ARTOMATIC, Logo Design for Italiano corretto Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ARTOMATIC

Project description

We need a logo for our upcoming event, about the ongoing evolution of Italian language in the context of social networks and multicultural digital communication. We organize seminars, courses and workshops for freelancers and translators. This event will last two days and consist of six workshops. Its name is "Italiano corretto" ("corretto" in Italian stands for "correct" but also for "modified" as in the case of "caffè corretto", which is an Italian classic drink mix of espresso and alchool). We are looking for a clean logo (max 2 or 3 colors), we would like the stylized image of an espresso cup (which is a symbol of Italianness) in it but graphically combined with something reminding of language and writing (the event is aimed to freelances working with words: translators, authors, copywriters, journalists and so on): think about pencils, pens, lettering, comic balloon etc. We would also like it to include the naming (Italiano corretto) as well as an image.

We will use this logo for Facebook page of the event, Twitter profile, communication materials and so on.

We don't like the idea of using same colours as Italian flag. And we don't like very much brown palette. In general we are looking for a more modern lettering.

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  • Present_A #199
  • Italiano Correrro Present_A #198
  • Italiano Corretto Present... #197
  • @doppioverso also check my #175 entry. Thanks CH. :)
  • @doppioverso Hi CH please check my latest entry. Simple and easy to use. Accurate and Bold. Thanks..

    Mark #174
  • @doppioverso Hi CH Good day. #172
  • Submitting a new design. Hope you would like it. Thanks. #168
  • ITALIANO CORRETTO speeck real italian event
    the comma represent the corect italian and you can see the italian flag and the coffee cup grazie . #144
  • Please rate and comment on my design. THanks! #143
  • Please comment and rate my design. Thanks! #142
  • I like everything. Just the suspension point are redundant, indeed (but thanks for doing this, I just wanted to check the effect!). I guess the best is the same as this, just without suspension points in it. #132
  • new color option:) I hope you like it:) #123
    • @tjgraphics Very good. Just 3 things: 1) the solution about the text (italiano above and corretto at the bottom) of #123 is really good, don't touch it! ;-) 2) I know it could be redundant but could you try adding suspension points in the balloon (just to see the effect)? 3) Could you please try cleaning the cup (without the signs of scratches on it)?

    • @doppioverso working on it:)

    • @tjgraphics The suspension points are redundant indeed (but thanks for answering my request!). Ok colour, lettering, and I like the cleaner cup too. Thank you very much. Could you give a version the same as this, just without suspension points?

  • This version is more comprehensive than the previous one.

    Questa è una versione un pò più "completa" #137
  • Hello CH, it's a minimalist espresso cup viewed from above that is composed by two classical "talking" clouds.

    Buongiorno CH, è una tazza di caffè espresso vista da sopra e composta dai classici simboli fumettistici di comunicazione )patrimonio collettivo anche del web e dei social networks). i punti di forza di questo design sono contemporaneità e minimalismo. #136
  • hello, please check #128, it's a redesign of the old logo. have a nice day! #128
  • How about these options? :) #121
  • Really like this one, shades of grey in my opinion are more effective than colours in your specific proposal. Thanks! #114
    • @doppioverso Thank you! For great feedback and high rating. If you need more changes just let me know!

  • we like your style and approach, but maybe it's a little bit too stylized (if we didn't know about our brief mentioning the espresso cup I would have found difficult to understand the reference...) #104
  • We like very much the new cup (maybe the bottom reference to comic balloon is no more understandable, it seems a little horn... and if you try to move the suggestion of comic balloon upside, instead of smoke?) #90
    • @doppioverso revision attached:) please check #107...

    • @tjgraphics Many Thanks, just seen it! I like the ballon above the cup, can I give just one more suggestion? And if you rotate it so that it has the same inclination of the cup and the tail of the ballon is on the same side of the handle of the cup (hope my explanation is clear...)?

    • @doppioverso I'm on it:)

    • @doppioverso revision uploaded. I hope you like it:)

    • @tjgraphics Really like #108, in particular (but maybe not orange... dark red or blue?). Thank you!

  • We like the approach, but the comic balloon reference is not very explicit... Maybe adding suspension points inside? Just to make the reference more evident... #75
    • About #75, @doppioverso
      Hi, I have done the modification. How do you think about #116 and #115