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Winning design #357 by benudesign, Logo Design for ITEC Contest
Gold Medal

designed by benudesign

Project description

ITEC stands for Iowa Technology & Education Connection. ITEC promotes the use of technology in education by demonstrating to its members, other educators, and the public, developments in educational technology and how its appropriate use supports teaching and learning.

More information about our organization can be found on our website

This contest is to re-brand the organization for our 50th anniversary. The logo should not include reference to the anniversary, but it would be great if we could have an option to badge the logo with 50th anniversary. The logo should reflect our mission statement and evoke education and technology associations.

Logo Requirements:

- Must be suitable for web, favicon, print, embroidery, and screen print work. 

- Must be limited in colors and complexity for reproduction purposes in various formats. 

- Must be reproducible in single color for application to SWAG (drop shadows are discouraged)

- Must include the text Iowa Technology & Education Connection in either all caps or camel case.(all lower case is not acceptable) 

- Must be able to be used with or without the text (logo should stand on its own) 

- Must be in vector format (Adobe Illustrator preferred) 

- Font must be a sans serif, non commercial font and font name should be included with submission

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  • Please, my design can be seen to later be used in your company logo #506
  • ITEC LOGO #496
  • Please check design, if you need to change something, please write. #481
  • My proposal design 06 #458
  • My proposal design 05 #457
  • @ITECIA Hello please see entries #433 #438 & #441 thanks
  • hay sir
    I tried to make an update to your design, I hope you like this design.
    thank you
  • With darker blue and underline in between ITEC and words.
    Looking forward to hearing your feedback. Thank you #400
  • Here is the revised version of my logo design with Iowa State on the background of "I".
    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated...thank you #399
  • I hope you like it #398
  • Can we get this design with the green as red? Also a version where the circle arches upward rather than downward. #299
  • like this, but disconnect the T and E, put the lines in between them like in #299 and make the E a solid letter #349
  • hy sir i can submitted all changes and new concept please check now and sent me feedback.thanks #371
  • We would like to see this with some adjustments

    1. Change the green to a red

    2. No break between top and middle line of the E

    3. Would be great to see with both an upward curve and downward curve separating the colors

    Thanks #299
    • @ITECIA I have changed it and asked for feedback and I am ready to revise the winer

  • О дизайне #323, @eljan_v In capital letters #356
  • If possible, can we see this one with the following changes

    1. Make the E all connected.

    2. Rework the words underneath so that there is no long line before connection.

    Thanks #278
    • @ITECIA ,
      thanks for the feedback my design # 278
      please check my design after the change

  • thanks for the feedback my design # 278
    please check my design after the change
  • Can this design be adjusted so the bars in the logo look like silos, and the graph line only goes up? #24
  • Would you be willing to submit, where the box around the affiliate name is actually the outline of the state of Iowa? #13
  • woudl love to see this with ITEC being a different FONT, one that is more readable.

    Thanks #292