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Winning design #19 by jsummit, Logo Design for itextAuto Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by jsummit

Project description

We need a logo for use on our website as well as business cards and marketing materials. The design, color and style of hte logo will drive our web site design and supporting materials. We don't have an preconceived ideas today. Just looking for a good one.

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  • in my #15, the concept conveys your company easily communicates 'everything auto' through text/messaging/SMS communication. the vertical line acts as a text cursor. very brandable, and you could even see the vertical text cursor as blinking like a real cursor. If you like, I can easily show color/enhanced versions. thanks.
  • Hello itextAuto, I would greatly appreciate your ratings and feedback to help me know I'm on track to creating the logo design you want. Kind Regards, jsummit
  • Dear CH, please use the slide rating bar. This will show designers which entries are more what you are looking for and which ones are sort on the wrong track. Thank you
  • If you would like me to modify anything or make any changes, do not hesitate to.
  • i submitted 2 options at once ... heres the simpler design in 1 color to use on shirts n stuff
  • Its against the rules to show mode then one variation in same entry. Only 1 design per entry is allowed. At the end of the brief, you will find a button "What I can NOT use on my designs". Please read it carefully. Thanks for understanding.
  • simpler colors and design...ease to use on shirt n stuff...
  • Oops, I guess you aren't allowed to submit colored backgrounds... don't think I'll be doing that again. Here is the logo in just plain black and white. Let me know if you would like to see more color, or any other alterations (that is if you actually like it). :)
  • Its against the rules to use a colored background. Please read the rules carefully. Thank you
  • Its a cellphone, automobile, and finger pointing all in one. :) If you want I can submit a b&W version.
  • Thanks Rodney for your feedback. I submit two revisions on the previous design using dark red. #27 and #28
  • Message bubble as a side view mirror. This can be broken down to a very simple design as well, the full color version is just for web and print applications.
  • Simplified.
  • This revision uses flat colors rather than gradations. Better for t-shirt applications.
  • Thank you for the feedback on my #9. Do you prefer the T to be capitalized or lowercase as shown? I'll be working on the revision and a couple of other designs based on this design today.
  • Good looking design. Would like to see cleaner text. Something with fewer curves.
  • About #7 Hello Rodney, Sure,I'll give it a try! Were you thinking of red, instead of the green, or the whole thing red? jsummit
  • Very clean a good looking design. Will present problems when using on shirts. Would also like to see a revision in red.
  • Clean but a little too plain. Neeeds some color
  • A litte too much detail is we wanted to use on shirts