The process was very direct, we had about 150 designs from about 50 designers. It was easy to advise the designers on changes that would make the design stronger (at least in the perception of the purchaser). We had several very strong candidates to choose from at the end of the contest. We are happy with our design, and the price was very reasonable.

$312 paid

168 custom designs

49pre-qualified designers

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Winning design #80 by ozie, Logo Design for ITFORENSICS Logo Contest
Gold Medal

designed by ozie

Project description

A new logo for IT Forensics, Inc. Our current logo is 3 year old. We are a digital (computer) forensics firm with about 8 employees. Computer (digital) forensics is considered to be the use of analytical and investigative techniques to identify, collect, examine and preserve digital information in a manner that allows it to be used as evidence. We are competitively priced; these services are high value and priced accordingly, we have a broad and deep experience set. Our target market is law firms or attorneys who understand the pricing of expert services. We want the logo to resonate, so we welcome consideration of visual puns/double meanings/identity imaging/effective use of negative space. For reference, but don't feel tied to it, our website (with our current logo in the header) is

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  • You used the same element as the designer: Try to be more original next time.
  • You used mock-up and it is forbidden in logo contest. Try to be more attentive next time.,r:4,s:0,i:103
  • Dear CH, I have submitted #32 for your review...thank you. DM
  • Hello CH. About #28 , I added a simple magnifying glass in the negative of the 'O'. Feedback would be great. Best Regards
  • #23 I know it's not the colours you have asked for but it wouldn't be as strong without the yellow/black. I thought of fire-wall, bring to light and so on however if you don't like it I'm sure I can recycle it one day. I thought it was fun.
  • I liked the addition of the TTT.
  • your entry is too much like another designers idea/concept
  • Dear CH, Here are my design for your company logo, #103 and #104. Hope you will like it. Thanks.
  • Please rotate the puzzle piece 45 degrees. The current puzzle piece suggests a swastika, that effect can be lost by simple rotation 45 degrees to take out the "dancing" effect. We like the simplicity of color and integrated circuit in the puzzle pieces.
  • Change ITForensics, inc. into one color (the dark blue), increase font size (all caps an option, but not necessary), what we are thinking about is coming closer to the logo height and text height matching. Extend Truth Through Technology to end even with ITForensics, inc.
  • The only suggestion is to extend Truth Through Technology to match to length of IT Forensics, Inc with minimal change to to point size. Don't withdraw No 59, we may end up comparing.
  • cipart is not allowed in logo contests the art is fond here
  • 01001001 01010100 01000110 just a thought. CKS
  • I would advocate for a font weight about halfway between #17 and #19 and a closer to equal weight, but not necessarily exactly equal of, IT and Forensics. Also if the maze had more of a gentle allusion to an integrated circuit it would be a plus. CKS
  • I like the monogram. More feedback tomorrow. CKS
  • I am the day to day person in this company, but there are three of us consulting. So I get to set initial ratings, but I at some point consult with the other two team members and the numbers adjust. We will be meeting tomorrow afternoon (GMT -8:00) to do a general review and provide specific comments to the several leading candidate proposals. CKS
  • Hello, Thank you for the rating. If theres something specific you would like changed please let me know. Best regards Elijah
  • #170: icon represents a Venn Diagram, which is commonly used in logic, discrete math and computer science
  • About #168 : modified version of #92, take off white outline of the puzzle. Thanks!
  • You're entry is to similar to this one Try to be more original.