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Winning design #408 by kampat, Logo Design for iTOPDecom Contest
Gold Medal

designed by kampat

Project description

***NEW INSTRUCTIONS 27/3/20***

Thank you for your patience on this competition. It has been suspended while we managed the COVID-19 requirements in Australia.

The competition is now relaunched. Please read carefully the following information to help you best participate:

- Please DO NOT enter more than one design at a time. Just enter once and we will review. If you continue to make minor changes it is very difficult for us to manage this. Remember the feedback loop: PLAN-DO-CHECK-ACT (you do the plan-do, we check, you act after feedback)

- Copying of a design from someone else is NOT ACCEPTABLE. If you can't create your own design don't enter the competition. Copies will be DELETED.

- Read all the briefing notes below. Refer to the attachments.

- Remember LESS IS MORE. Fiddly or complex designs will receive a low score. Note the NEW design look and feel brief.

- You MUST include the key components as per the attachments. These are clearly identified so you understand what they are.

Good luck everybody.


We are a professional services company supporting the oil & gas industry.

We are rolling out a new software tool to support decommissioning of offshore platforms. It's a very complex software product we are offering.

Our temporary logo (freeware) is as per the attached detail (CurrentLogo). We are very happy with it but want to personalise it a little more so are looking for your design ideas.

The image we are looking for is to be bold, slick, high tech and professional, similar to the current logo.

We prefer to have the words iTOPDecom (which stands for intelligent topsides decommissioning) underneath the icon - similar to as it is now.

The dark colour of the logo and writing also appeals to us.

For info you can see that the current logo shows a lot of detail and items that are typically on an oil rig such as helipad, flare boom, crane, support legs and drilling derrick. That detail is great, the challenge is that when the icon is small some of it may be lost. Use your best judgement on this to determine what looks best.

***Update. From reviewing the designs it is now clear to us that ‘less is more’. We want you to show the key components as noted, but the icon when in use may be only 20 to 25 mm high. So too much detail will look too busy - we have updated the slider bar accordingly to be more minimalist.

Our suggestion is that you go back to basics a bit. More importantly, when you create a design just issue one version for us to review. That makes it much easier to give feedback on, rather than having 3 or 4 slightly different options. 

Another point to not is that a lot of the platforms look just like our original icon. Feel free to play around with that a bit. Look at some oil rig photos on Google to get an understanding of the possibilities. 

Please also note the sketch we have added showing the main components so you understand what you are drawing. That’s very important to us to have all those components. 

Thank you everyone.***

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  • Simple and clear. #436
  • A simple look about what service or product you produce , hope you like it. #435
  • stylish and with really attention to the first letters #434
  • Got one more for you. Thank you #432
  • itopdecom creative logo #429
  • itop decom #427
  • itopdecom logo #426
  • Another Shape
    @gsconstable #423
  • Modified as per your instruction. #421
  • I updated my original proposal, as to your new brief. Thank you. #410 #409
  • ok done sir, please review.
    @gsconstable #408
  • ok done sir, please review.
    @gsconstable #407
  • One more thing please... can you please move the crane a little to the left and then have the cable running off the end of the boom, not slightly off the end as you have shown it (like you had drawn it previously). #403
  • About #403, @gsconstable
    ok sir let me know if any changes again i will changes it.
  • please check my design thank you. #404
  • like this sir?, font is standard with litle spacing.
    @gsconstable #403
  • please check my design thank you. #402
  • please check my design thank you. #401
  • please check the design that I sent, thank you #398
  • please check the design that I sent, thank you #397