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Winning design #242 by Brendox, Logo Design for IVWL New logo Contest
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designed by Brendox

Project description

We are a importer and wholesaler of Japanese used cars. We are looking for a new logo that stands out and put IVWL at the front of our industry. We would like the logo to have the name "Auto Team" only.

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  • I have also added a RED & WHITE version #13 to link with the Japanese colours. Thanks.
  • Hi CH, Just uploaded entry #12. Hope to hear from you. Thanks
  • can you pls provide the plate number or specifically what number? a Japan plate number?
  • Hi, Please integrate a vehicle number plate into the logo.
  • Hi, We do want to use the number plate with Auto Team as the text, with LMVD in smaller letters next to it. Also, we like the text style in entry 25. Thanks,
  • Hello IVWL Just sent you my Logos #46 and #47 The red Sphere, means the japan flag, and the chrome details make it modern and imposing looking. Hope is that what you looking for. Thanks Thiago Bellotti
  • Hi, Could we please see the logo without any racing references (checkered flags etc). Also, we would like to use the logo for multiple purposes, business cards, website, stationary etc. Thanks,
  • Hi, This logo will be displayed on all business cards, website, stationary and all advertising we do. It will also be used as stickers on each car we buy and sell (to show where the car has come from). The logo needs to be recognizable and be simple so it can fit into all these various forms. Thanks,
  • Hi, Could you please try some variations on text and color? Thanks,
  • Hi, Thank you for your comments, Dskwkrs, we will make sure we are more interactive with all of you to help direct you towards the logo and design we require. We have gone through and deleted all the logo's that do not work for us, and rated some of the designs too. With regard to the designs, we do like the simplicity of design 61 and 60. We would like to stay away from Japanese flag references as well. Thanks again,
  • feels like contest holder is not that interested getting a new logo
  • Agree with Dskwrks, we need some feedback sir, please rate or eliminate our entries as you feel like this we will know what to do in your contest and by extending the contest you will not get more entries or good designs. I personal, will not do any more designs in this contest until you will rate or give some feedback.
  • Aloha CH, I see that you have extended you contest deadline date. May I suggest that being more active on what your looking for and even rating some of the 64 designs that we all have entered. This will help us designers figure out what direction you are wanting us to go. Without any feedback or rating we are all designing in the blind. So on behalf of all the creative minds who had taken some time to produce you something we ask that you be a little more active on your contest. I dont want to see this go on for another week and I know you dont either. Trust me I have seen contest that go on for months due to contest holders lack of participation. I understand that we all are from different parts of the world and may not all understand each other fully but with no communication or any direction it is very difficult for us to achieve any goal. Mahalo
  • let me know what you think CH :) hope it fits to you needs. #78 #79 #80
  • Hi CH, Can this contest be blind? So that copying of concepts and designs will happen Thanks wengcharl
  • About #50 #53 #70 #71 #72 Open for critique Thanks
  • Hi Thibellotti, Could you please try the design with different colors, royal blue. Also, can you reduce the size of the text to fit in the background surround. Thanks,
  • let me know what you think CH :) hope it fits to you needs. #78 #79 #80
  • dear CH,,, please check my design,,, #132 #133 thanks..
  • About #139, #140 and #141 Hi Sir, Here is my concept and ideas. Hope you like it. Waiting for your feedback Thanks wengcharl