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Winning design #102 by lperwas, Logo Design for IVY LEAGUE COMMUNICATION CLUBS NEEDS LOGO/CREST Contest
Gold Medal

designed by lperwas

Project description

We would like the logo to be a CREST, resembling those of many Ivy league schools outthere (Harvard, Yale, Brown, etc.) The Communication Games are not only an academicevent but also a fun learning experience for students. That’s why the logo/crest canand should incorporate elements that represent the student university life (drinking,socializing, studying as well as other elements that represent the Communication Games).The games are comprised of different competitions such as journalism, public relations,marketing, creative design, theater, television journalism, video productions, etc. The crest should remain classy but fun and should try or least hint at all of these elements.

If you can incorporate the letter C somehow (For Concordia), it could be a start of a logo design as well. An example will is posted. Also, "JDLC" should not be included in the logo as it is only the letters of the Communication Games.

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  • #5 - And by feather-plumed, I mean wing-plumed. Along with the laurel wreath, I thought the full wing would represent victory (as opposed to just a feather).
  • This one is tough - incorporating all of the elements requested without making the crest convoluted isn't easy. I made the center shield a theater mask with two feather-plumed fountain pens behind it, symbolizing theater and creative writing. I used Courier New as the font hoping the iconic font would represent journalism and other media. I added a dash of laurel wreath in the spirit of competition, and voilà: either the concept is crazy awesome or I completely missed the mark. Either way, it's a start.
  • #43 Dear CH, If you need the real Crest, it must be created by heraldic rules (as mentioned Crests in your brief are) with established heraldic symbols. Here is the real HERALDIC Blason: four field shield divided by one silver/white (Argent) chevron. First red (Gules) field contents the black Crow with gold (Or) beak and legs: symbolize Strategist in battle (here the Student Competitor), watchful for friends (friendship) holding the gold (Or) C (for Concordia). Second and third orange (Tenne) field contents the silver/white (Argent) Fret: symbolize Persuasion, Belief, assembling for finale cause, kind of Communication (in this case Communication games) White/silver (Argent) Chevron: symbolize Protection (Organization, University); with three (studies, amusement, competition) red (Gules) Cinquefoil flower: symbolize Hope and Joy, Grace and Beauty (red one) - meaning Youth (Students) Fourth orange (Tenne) field contents gold (Or) Torch: symbolize the Source of Illumination, Enlightenment, and Guidance; often referred to as the Torch of Learning, Truth and Intelligence (Science, Arts, Skills) Below the shield is orange (Tenne) ribbon with black (Sable) name CONCORDIA UNIVERSITY Meanings of colours: Red (Gules) - Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity Orange (Tenne) - Worthy ambition Gold (Or) - Generosity and elevation of the mind Silver/white (Argent) - Peace and sincerity Black (Sable) - Constancy or grief
  • best use of O in the centre with conventional design .
  • Thanks for your's comment about my concept #28. I receipted your feedback. And today, i made 2 new concepts. I hope they will make you accept. Thanks Contest Holder again. Wait your feedback.
  • I like this design, i'd like to see the laurel wreath used as a C, without the stars and all the symbols in the middle. I like the idea of the sun in the middle of the crest. Also, maybe take out the date and the C as the laurel will already play that role and rework the concordia title in there without the university. Thanks!
  • sweet and simple - cute crest for media prints :)
  • the sporty Crest with a CGms symbol , fulfill some of your needs ,i think. please suggest me for modification.
  • I want to talk something about my concept. My concept used hands, the sun, the stars, the laurel and the ribbon have the name of your university to do decisive. THE HANDS: You can see the hands are stylized from the border of crest. It make we look back on the hands are raising games icons(or we can see it the U letter of "U"niversity). The 1974 make we remember the opening of Concordia Univerity. THE SUN: it manifest a bright future of us. THE STARS: they are the achivements of university's education. THE LAUREL: it is symbol of success and knowledge. I hope you like choice this concept. Wait for your comment.
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  • I would like to se an example of a logo that uses the laurel wreath is used sideways as a "C" for concordia with the rest of the logo in the middle. Also "JDLC" should not be used in the logo as it is only the name of the competition (Communication Games). Thanks!
  • The university website is http://www.concordia.ca/ (you will see an image of the university crest which could also inspire you for this one). The communications department website is http://coms.concordia.ca/ and finally the website for the communication games is http://www.jeuxdela.com/
  • I think it's a great start, i'd like to see something incorporating maybe the Concordia "C" and make the logo look more like a crest.
  • JDLC is only the name of the competition, could you maybe try with a "C" in the middle or some other kind of visual. Thanks.
  • Can you provide a link to the university's website? Google brings up a lot of Concordia Universities (Minnesota, Wisconsin, Texas, etc.). Thanks!
  • It's a good start Barbara, the colors are exactly what we're looking for, as for the design, we love the laurel wreath, the pens are also a nice addition, but the wings are a little too much as well as the theater mask. We would like to logo to incorporate different elements of the games (so maybe have a shield divided in four with different elements). That's just an idea but you're off to a good start.
  • Hi jdlc2012, To day i send to you a new concept. I receipted your feedback about both of my concept before. I've though so much. And, i made the name "Concordia" and the laurel wreath to become the "C" letter - this is my own with your idea. I hope you like it. Thanks
  • Hi CH: I changed the laurel wreath...I hope this is more in line with what you are looking for!
  • Hello Barbara, We really like your design as well, it's currently at the top of our list, although we feel like the logo in the middle should be more like #51, we really like that middle crest with the sun in the middle. Those submitted before resembled too much like a planet. We want it to be simple. We love the rest. Thanks!